Hood: Outlaws & Legends - Trophy list

Ready to reinvent the Robin Hood legend?

Hood: outlaws & legends is the new Shooter RPG developed by Sumo Digital and published by Focus Home Interactive. It is a title with a medieval setting in which the player, in the guise of a Monk, a Hunter, a Brawler or a Ranger embarks on a race to carry out a robbery in a game system based on PvPvE.

Available May 7, 2021 for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S and PC, the Sony console version of Hood: Outlaws & Legends features 38 bronze, 10 silver, 2 gold trophies and the much coveted platinum. We remind you that the game should be expanded in the near future, therefore the addition of more trophies is not excluded. Below we list all the trophies of the PlayStation version of Hood: Outlaws & Legends:


  • You Shall… Pass - Open the vault for the first time (Heist 4v4)
  • Lord of Light - As Thoke, heal your teammates for 500 health with a single use of your heal skill (Heist 4v4)
  • A Key to Rule Them All - Steal the key from the sheriff (Heist 4v4)
  • Master Archer - As Robin, headshot an enemy from a distance of more than 50 meters (Heist 4v4)
  • Faceless Wraith - As Marianne, assassinate three enemies in one shot using your special ability (Heist 4v4)
  • Hitwoman - As Marianne, take out a group of enemies with a single volley of crossbow bolts (Heist 4v4)
  • Man Mountain - As John, kill five enemies at once using your melee without dying (Heist 4v4)
  • Hold The Gate! - As John, lift a shutter and let a companion carry a chest through (Heist 4v4)
  • Petty Thief - Steal 25% of the Trinkets (Heist 4v4)
  • The Ballad Unfolds ... - Rebuild a set of Legends (Heist 4v4)
  • A Higher Power - As Thoke, identify 10 enemies or more with a single use of your sixth sense ability (Heist 4v4)
  • A Local Hero - Reach Player Rank 25 (Heist 4v4)
  • Equipped For Action- Equip all perk slots of each character (Heist 4v4)
  • Forest Guardian - Kill an enemy player who is trying to assassinate your teammate (Heist 4v4)
  • Challenge Accepted - Complete a series of daily challenges (Heist 4v4)
  • Lincoln Green - Buy and equip a cosmetic skin (Heist 4v4)
  • Light the Campfire - Upgrade the hideout for the first time (Heist 4v4)
  • The Hood, the Bad and the Ugly - Complete a Heist with a totally diverse group of characters (Heist 4v4)
  • My Precious - Successfully extract a chest for the first time (Heist 4v4)
  • Laying Claim - Claim a Claim Point zone from the enemy team (Heist 4v4)
  • Most Wanted - Kill an opponent carrying a key or a chest, and steal one of the two items (Heist 4v4)
  • National Treasure - Reach Rank 10 with a single character (Heist 4v4)
  • Sleep Tight ... - Assassinate another player (Heist 4v4)
  • Young Wolf - As Robin, kill multiple enemies with a single arrow (Heist 4v4)
  • Sliding Through The Glen - Following a High Alert or a Lockdown, crawl under a shutter just before it closes (Heist 4v4)
  • Fall from Grace - Kill an opposing player while climbing (Heist 4v4)
  • Making Marks - Kill an opponent player who has been marked by your teammate, or mark an opponent who will be killed by your teammate (Heist 4v4)
  • Pilgrimage - Complete a match on five maps (Heist 4v4)
  • Under The Influence - Kill an enemy player suffering from blindness or poisoning (Heist 4v4)
  • Fear Cuts Deeper - Lure a guard into a bush and then kill him (Heist 4v4)
  • … The Pack Survives - Perform a synchronous assassination with your teammate at least 10 meters away (Heist 4v4)
  • … Not Today - Successfully avoid death throughout the game and make sure the chest is extracted (Heist 4v4)
  • Backwood Butcher - In a single match, kill 4 distinct players (Heist 4v4)
  • You Get Nothing, Good Day - Check all the Capture Points of the match (Heist 4v4)
  • Strike that, Reverse it - Sabotage the opposing team during their draw, when they have reached 90% or more progress (Heist 4v4)
  • Silence is Easy - Get killed by the Sheriff (Heist 4v4)
  • God of Death - Kill 3 enemies in a 5 second time window (Heist 4v4)
  • You Win or You Die - Steal the chest extraction after the other team has redeemed the first 6 stages of the extraction (Heist 4v4).


  • The Suspense is Terrible ... Successfully complete the chest extraction without killing any opposing players (Heist 4v4)
  • Time is a Precious Thing - Successfully complete the chest extraction within 12 minutes (Heist 4v4)
  • Merry Men - Reach Rank 10 with 4 different characters (Heist 4v4)
  • Infamous Outlaw - Score more than 2500 points in a single match (Heist 4v4)
  • … The Ballad Ends - Complete all Legends (Heist 4v4)
  • Survivalist - Claims 3 stages of extraction without the pulley being interrupted (Heist 4v4)
  • Assassin's Greed - Steal 100% of the Trinkets (Heist 4v4)
  • Valiant - Transport the chest from the vault to the pulley without leaving it on the ground even once (Heist 4v4)
  • Heroic Deeds - Successfully complete the chest extraction on 5 maps (Heist 4v4)
  • This. Is. Sherwood. - Upgrade the hideout to level 10 (Heist 4v4).


  • A Living Legend - Reach Player Rank 100
  • Toss a Coin to Your Yeoman - Spend a minimum of 20.000 coins.


  • Urban Myth - Snatching all the Hood Outlaws & Legends trophies proves you deserve a rightful place in local folk legends!

And with that concludes Hood's trophy list: outlaws & legends.

► Hood: Outlaws & Legends is a Shooter-RPG type game published by Focus Home Interactive for PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X, the video game was released on 07/05/2021 The version for PC came out on 10/05/2021

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