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    How can I record League of Legends without lag - Record League with Obs

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    What is the OBS?

    OBS stands for “Open Broadcast Studio” and refers to an application that allows recording and transmission of multimedia content in real time from the Internet. This software was created in open source and can be obtained for free.

    Characteristics of the oss

    OBS OFF cross-platform support and a powerful API. In addition, it has a number of features via plug-ins such as Direct Show AudioSource which makes it easy to use any video capture device or audio input as a source.

    Likewise, you can add or insert webcams, text, frames and overplay in OBS. This application also allows you to use your browser called CLS Browser Source through the Chromium framework.

    How can I register League of Legends without delay - Register League with Obs

    You can register League of Legends without delay using OBS. The procedure requires the application of a series of steps that you can know below.

    Download and install the OBS Studio application

    First of all, you need to download a tool to capture League of Legends game in real time like OBS Studio. You can find it on the official obsproject website.

    Select the latest available version of OBS Studio next to the «Download Installer» button. Wait a few seconds for the download to complete on your PC. Run the installation file and follow the wizard instructions to install the software.

    Configure the application to register LoL with Obs

    Make sure you run OBS as an administrator. To do this, right-click on the application icon and click on «Run as administrator». Configure the application from the "Settings" and choose "Advanced" from the drop-down menu of the "Exit" mode.

    Then select the «H264 video encoder» and set the recommended upload speed (4000 Kbps). Enter the value "2" in the frame range. Go to "Settings" and click on "Video". There, set the resolution according to your preferences.

    Create two scenes

    You must create two scenes in OBS Studio as League of Legends uses one window for the game and one for the client. Configure the scenes from a box that you will find at the bottom of OBS Studio. Press «+», name the first scene and save it. Repeat this procedure to create the second scene.

    Add elements to scenes

    Select the first scene that corresponds to the game and press the secondary mouse button on «Sources». Press the "Add" option to add the source "Capture Screen" or "Screen Capture". Then go to the second scene and add "Capture Game" or "Game Capture".

    You can also access "Sources" or "Sources" from the bottom of the application window, right in the box with the "+" symbol next to the "Scene" box.

    Usa il plugin Simple Scene Switcher

    The component Simple Scene Switcher is used to automatically change the scene according to the screen in focus. Likewise, you can change the scene when you change the screen title.

    To use this component in OBS Studio, you need to visit the obsproject website. Extract the compressed files and copy the advanced-scene-switcher.dll file to the C: / Program Files (x86) folder obs-studioobs-plugins32bit for the 32-bit version and to C: / Programs obs-studiobin64bit for the 64-bit version . Log in to OBS Studio e set there plugin.

    Register League of Legends with Obs

    After setting up the application, you can now start recording your PC screen with OBS while playing League of Legends. Push the button "Start streaming" or "Start Streaming" if you want to record the match live or choose the "Start Recording" option if you prefer to change the recording. And finally, if for some reason the black screen problem occurs when taking a screenshot with OBS, update the drivers and proceed to register the game.

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