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    How can you start using and testing XBox xCloud for streaming games?

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    How can you start using and testing xCloud?

    Now, to get right to the point and learn as soon as possible how to start using and testing xCloud, the first thing to keep in mind is that this service is still in its infancy, so it is not free from errors and bugs.

    Furthermore, you should also know that at the moment the only ones who can take advantage of this service are users of an Android mobile, who have purchased the Ultimate Game Pass (so it is good that you know what the Ultimate Game Pass is and how it works).

    If you are one of the lucky ones who has a mobile (Android 6.0 or later) and purchased the Ultimate Game Pass. So what you need to do first to play is register on the Xbox Game Pass page if you haven't already, with your associated Microsoft account.

    So, you just need to download the Xbox Game Pass app from the PlayStore. Once installed, you just have to enter it and log in with your account. Immediately after that you have to click on the tab called «Cloud», where all the games of the Pass are available to play.

    From that catalog you just have to press the game you want to play and press «Play «, This will start streaming the video game you want, and you'll be able to play with graphics and speeds you won't be able to believe.

    Minimum requirements to make a game work well

    Now that you know how you can get started using and testing xCloud, it's time you knew what minimum requirements you should consider before downloading the app, because if you don't know what they are, you may be wasting time trying to download the service.

    The first thing you need is an android mobile as mentioned above, must have an operating system 6.0 or later and bluetooth 4.0. You must also have an Xbox One controller or, failing that, a PS4.

    Checks are mandatory because Microsoft is still working so that the games can be played on the same mobile, but this function is not ready yet. Along with all of the above, it is recommended that you also have a 5ghz connection and at least 10 megabytes less, so that the titles can perform well.

    The service on other platforms

    Now that you have read the above, you can say that you know how to start using and testing xCloud, anytime you want. So there is nothing more to learn here today.

    However, if you wonder when this amazing service will arrive on other devices, you should know that Microsoft plans to bring Xcloud to Apple in 2021 and is also expected to arrive on Xbox and PC as soon as possible (there is no set date).

    This is the future of video games, so you should start looking for more information on this topic to download the app at once or to get ready when it reaches any other platform you have. That's why he recommends looking for articles that teach you how to download and install Xbox Game Pass games so that you get used to the service.

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