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    How to download and install Crossfire for free for Windows 10 PC and mobile?

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    And, although the FPS genre is already saturated with the large number of titles that come out per year, you shouldn't miss the chance to play Crossfire, because it's literally like a breath of fresh air for those who are tired of it.

    How to download and install Crossfire for Windows 10 PC and mobile devices?

    To get straight to the point and help you download and install Crossfire for Windows 10 PC and mobile devices, you must know that the process that you will have to go through to reach your goal is very simple, as this game is completely free for any platform.

    So, to get started in order and not get lost, you will first learn how to download it to your PC and then to your mobile. As a first step, go to your favorite browser and download Crossfire.

    This action will show you different download links on different pages, although they all work, it is best to download it from the official page of the game.


    Once inside, you will immediately notice an orange button whose name is " Download «, When you click there, the download will start immediately. When the game is on your PC, find the folder where it was downloaded and double-click the installer.

    This will show you a recommendation message (not in all versions of Windows) advising you not to download the game, click on «Allow». This action will cause the installation to download. At the end of this process, several final dialogs will appear, in which you must accept the terms and give " Accept " at all.

    So the game will already be on your PC and you just need to tap the shortcut icon to access it, this method works and is the same for all versions of Windows out of sight, so there's no difference between what your operating system is.

    Download and installation on mobile

    The first thing you need to do is go on Play Store and type the name of the game in the search bar. Keep in mind that the version of the phone is different and is called Crossfire Legends. Once found, hit the «Download» button and that's it.


    If the store doesn't come out, go to your phone's web browser, be it Chrome, Opera, etc… and look for Crossfire APK (this is a type of downloadable file that contains the game). When the results come out, choose a page and download it from there.

    Since you have already downloaded it to your phone, go to your phone settings, settings> security> device management> enable unknown sources. So use any program that allows you to open files to run it (if you don't have it, download one like ESexplorer), once installed, open your APK file with ESexplorer and press the button » Install «, And the game is done with the game (extracting the APK of any application on Android is easy, but first you will have to make sure to check if an APK application is safe to install).

    With the latter, you have nothing more to learn, so you can tell that you know the answer to the question, How to download and install Crossfire for Windows 10 PCs and mobile devices? You just have to go to yours device favorite and start the action.

    If at any time this game bores you, there are more options, since you can always start playing Garena free Fire at any time (which is also a great game).

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