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    How to Download Monopoly Multiplayer Online Apk Free for Android or PC in Spanish

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    Board games have been around for years, they have been a source of entertainment for a large number of generations to the point that they still do not lose their popularity today. Clearly there are some favorites more than others, much newer and more innovative but sometimes the classics take the prize.

    Monopoli is one of the most important and well-known board games in history, all of us at some point in our life have played with it or even have it in the closet of our house. This has become one of the best-selling games in the world and its origin dates back to almost more than 115 years ago.

    What are the characteristics and objectives of Monopoli?

    The main goal of the board game is to get in this way the total monopoly, gaining complete market privilege, thus ruining our opponents. To achieve this we will need to sell and buy properties as well as plan our strategy to take over the board.

    We will start by choosing a character who will be our character during the game, then we will have to use the dice to decide the order in which we will start each one's turn, once we understand this, everyone will give the dice and the highest score will start playing first.

    Each of the boxes has its reason for being, the vast majority of these they will be properties that we can buy once we have enough money; There will also be special cards to make sure if we can buy them, sell them or continue down the board by giving the dice again.

    We can also see boxes with specific options;  Normally these are divided into 2 and their meaning varies depending on the Monopoly edition we are playing, as there are a large number of them. If at some point we fall into these boxes we will have to grab a letter and obey what it tells us.

    We can also see the prison space in 2 of the corners of the game ;  only one of them will have the ability to catch us in case we fall into it.

    If for some reason we have to land in this box we will have to wait a certain number of turns; pay an amount or roll the dice to get back into the game.

    Once purchased the properties, we will have the ability to add houses to each of these; obviously, if we have enough money to do it.

    We can also add hotels in case we have a good amount of money and want to charge those players who pass a lot more.

    The monopoly has had such a boom that today we can already find this fabulous board game adapted as an application for mobile phones and computers; taking into account at the passage of the letter all the characteristics and qualities previously mentioned.

    This has the power that you can play alone against the machine or on the other side; play connected to an Internet signal with people from all over the world who also have the game previously installed on their devices.

    How can I download Monopoly online for Android and PC?

    In order to be able to play this fun game from our mobile device, we will only have to follow the steps below that we will clarify immediately. First of all we will have to go to the Play Store application which is in the application drawer of the terminal.

    Once inside we type the name of the respective game or other, we can also search from the board games section. Once we get Monopoly Online, we will click on the «Download» button, we will wait for it to finish and then will proceed to the automatic installation.

    Once installed we can enjoy the game without any problem, it is important to note that we must have an internet connection. This game is paid for Android devices, but you can also get the APK from an alternative store like Uptodown or Apkpure.

    On the other hand, to be able to download it from your PC we can go to some virtual stores like Epic Games or Steam, it is usually free and we can download it with total ease.

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