How to get fire arrows in Zelda: Breath of the Wild

or here is Link and his arsonist skills

As you advance in Zelda: Breath of the Wild many items will become more and more common. However, some of them at the beginning of the game could be particularly useful and difficult to find: unfortunately they are extremely expensive to buy. Through this article we will show you how to easily retrieve the fire arrows from the beginning, allowing you to get a good stock and to advance safely in the title.

After talking to the old man, if you turn east you will find the temple of time. Venture inside it, moving further east, until you find a structure in the shape of a skull. Inside the skull, a group of enemies will be waiting for you, along with a guard on the tower ready to skin you.

Continuing west to another camp with enemies, which can be easily eliminated using the explosive barrels. After removing them, the chest that was previously locked in the room just left will open. Inside it you will find five fire arrows.

The advice we give you is to not use against random enemies, although the damage done is useful, but to keep them aside for those (probable) situations in which you will need to light a fire or warm up in the northern areas.

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