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    How to get free coins or pokecoins in Pokémon Go - Codes, generator and more

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    Pokecoin, how to get them for free?

    To get pokecoin without paying anything, you simply have to play a lot, currently the game has a system of gifts and rewards for those who do not want to spend money in the game, as a first step you have to reach at least level 5, after this you can go and earn free coins.

    You have to choose a team, the game offers you 3 different options, these are "Wisdom", "courage" and "instinct". When you have your team, search the area for gyms that are dominated by that team and fight in them. Once you have dominated, you must leave at least one of your pokémon to take care of and defend that gym.

    Each pokémon you leave in the gyms of your domain, will generate 10 coins every hour, being able to stay there for a total of 8 hours, after which he will return to your team and you will collect the coins he has accumulated, if the gym is in hand From another team what we can do is beat all the pokémon that are there, to the maximum can be 6, and they'll make you put yours on.

    How to get the most out of Pokémon gyms?

    Mainly you have to visit the gyms every day, thus maintaining your dominance in these, for have fixed earnings, Furthermore, you can ask your friends for help when you dominate a gym, not go to the most crowded places, look for places where there is not a lot of traffic and it is easy to hold the position.

    Taking into account that the pokémon can storing coins for 8 hours, you have to look for the hours when there are not many players connected, for example very early in the morning, or around ten in the morning, looking for the working time.

    Another thing to keep in mind when defending a gym is that you put on pokemon with high defense, so that they can better resist the attacks of other players who try to take the place, you can also pamper your pokémon by giving them food, pay attention you will know that each pokémon has its favorite food, this will help it defend itself more long.

    When you are looking for a place to get coins, make sure they are not that close, remember that there are also other players who are trying to get coins from gyms and they will try to attack you, put your pokémon separated from each other, so that if they manage to take one instead, don't take the other right next to it, giving you more time to react and defend the position.

    Are there more ways to get free coins?

    It has long been rumored that more ways to collect coins without having to make any payments will be added in upcoming app updates, so far the Pokeparadas are the site of attention but nothing is confirmed yet, at the moment the most efficient are still the gyms.

    If you have spent several hours playing the game you will know that there are actions that allow you to earn coins, but few at a time, if you play every day you can claim them, doing activities such as, capture wild pokémon, feed your teammates, make great shots, evolve a pokémon (each pokémon evolves to different levels).

    All these daily activities will generate 5 coins each, being able to do them all the next day, teamwork is also very important, if you get a snapshot with your partner, you will also get 5 coins. Remember, don't trust third party sites that promise to give you free coins, they can steal your personal data.

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