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    How to get more influence in League of Legends? - Get more League experience

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    The more experience a user acquires with the passage of games, the greater his presence in the game, promoting competitiveness within the community. What allows you to unleash a power struggle that every day has new chapters to determine who gets the biggest cut of points of influence.

    Keep in mind that if you are a beginner before reading here, you should consider What is League of legends? , so you don't get confused.

    Basic considerations before earning more influence in League

    First of all, if you are new to this world, you should know that influence points are nothing more than another currency that the game has to exchange for items that are within the range of their value (this is why you should consider how to put money into League of Legends)

    Unlike Riot Point and similar to Blue Essence, influence points are gained at the end of a game, mission or important event, along with experience being added to the user's counter. Which represents the improvement he underwent during the last battle he performed.

    Influence points can be more or less depending on how a particular game is won or whether the player experiences a good streak over a long period of time. Be rewarded with a large amount of these points and they can be stored to be used at the right time.

    Obtaining more influence points is subject to the possibility of being able to buy " samples »Best in the game. As well as various runes that one way or another will be in demand in future battles. Which can serve as a support to keep the team's power high during a fight against other rivals.


    In the same way, the greater the number of influence points, the proportional will be the amount of experience that the user will obtain over time. Therefore, eventually your level in the game will increase significantly. Giving you the power to measure yourself against different " enemies »Or have a direct ticket for larger events.

    How can I access multiple points of influence?

    The common way to get more influence points in the game is to win games and move forward with your team. So that the figure obtained is flattering and that it is also significantly increased if a devastating winning streak is found.

    In one game, two teams of " samples "Compete to be the first to destroy the" Nexus »Of the opposing team. To achieve this, they must overcome a series of mini-events or obstacles that appear during the game time and which, depending on the influence points of one or the other, will unlock a series of perks.

    If your team has managed to get more influence, this will give them the ability to unlock more champions and expand your party. As well as enabling the counterselection option to pick a stronger champion to your liking, if applicable. It is important that you know who the League of Legends champions are perfectly in order to play better and earn more points.

    On the other hand, with more influence points, you can purchase better runes for your champions. What gives them a " plus " in more to face the situation that manifests itself openly. Again, in order to have a better game and collect more points, you need to know which runes are the most popular and which ones to choose from.


    As a final point, there is a prepaid alternative for improve the sum of influence points which are awarded at the end of a game. And this through the purchase and use of RP to obtain packages that are divided in duration or games won. That is, they can be limited in time or remain active for x number of successful games.

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