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    How to make a beautiful stable for horses or cows in Minecraft

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    But, of all the games that do, it probably is the best Minecraft, precisely due to the fact that everything we find can be changed in some way or at least modified in certain aspects, whether it is land or mob.

    Also, animals in Minecraft are a great way to show this by being able to have different relationships with animals. We talk about it because there are aggressive and passive animals, which can be tamed, and many of them are useful for the player, to the point of being able to create farms and obtain resources from these animals.

    In the case of horses, we can ride them and feed them and even mating them, which can cause us to end up liking them or one in particular. And, if that happens, and you want to give your horse a cozy home, you can use the following guide to create a nice stable for your horses to live in and stay safe at night.


    In Minecraft, la your creativity is the limit that you set yourself to be able to create something, and this applies to any type of building or project you want to create.

    If you want, you can create a solid gold castle, or even an underwater city, as there aren't many limits when it comes to exploring or building, as long as you have the materials available.

    The same goes for the stable you want to build, as one stalla in Minecraft can be made from anything you want, but in this tutorial we will use some basic materials that you can easily find or fabricate, such as wood, glass and hay bales..

    Build your stable

    The size of your stable will depend on how many horses you want to have or at least how much space you want to give to a particular horse riding. But, continuing with what has been said previously, we will aim to create a stable with a rustic aesthetic, but simple and captivating, similar to real stables.

    But keep in mind that for horses we recommend that each stable's space be at least two blocks wide, and at least four blocks long; the height can be changed, but at least three blocks high, not counting the ceiling, are recommended in terms of aesthetics and comfort when moving.

    You can make four wooden pillars, bearing in mind that you can use boards or freshly cut wood from a tree depending on the environment you want to create.

    Next, join those four columns at the top and bottom, which will leave gods holes which you can fill with glass of the color you want, although we recommend that you cover the back of the stall itself.

    You can also make a roof with sandstone or sandstone stairs and create an entrance with a couple of fence doors to keep the rustic theme.

    Finally, add a hay bale floor to continue the same theme and put a cauldron filled with water and a hay bale at the end so you don't leave the horse without food or water. Surely with this article you will have already gained more experience in Minecraft, which will allow you to play like a pro.

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