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    How to make a fishing rod and how to fish in Minecraft Very easy!

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    Some game scenarios are complicated. Fishing is a somewhat forgotten activity, but it is il  way  faster to fish and thus be able to progress in the game. But not everyone knows the correct way to do this, which is why this article will teach you how to fish effectively.

    How to make a fishing rod in Minecraft

    Fishing is very necessary, both for reproduce the bears that to feed our avatar. Through this activity we can also get riches or treasures, mostly rare items to find.

    The first thing we will need to carry out this activity effectively is a fishing rod. To be able to create one, we will only have to join three wooden sticks and two threads. Threads are obtained by killing spiders.

    After obtaining these materials, we will place the sticks diagonally and the threads in the spaces under the first wooden stick placed on the work table.

    We will get it like this a fishing rod and, at the same time, the possibility of obtaining rare items that are only found in the depths of the sea. If we want to put a carrot as a hook on our fishing rod, the process is similar. For this, we will need a fishing rod and a carrot.

    The first thing we need to do is place both objects in the crafting box. Once there, we will place the stick in the second square of the left vertical line and the carrot in the third square of the center vertical line.

    Thus, we will get a fishing rod with a carrot as a hook. This fishing rod is used to direct pig litter on farms. Otherwise, it would be extremely difficult to achieve this.

    How to fish from this game

    Once our fishing rod is created, what follows is to create a boat, ship or boat in Minecraft; then what we are left with is to follow the steps below, to get a great catch and get precious marine treasures.

    Now we have to take the fishing rod and press the right mouse button; then, we will throw the hook in the water. With the hook in the water, we will just have to wait for bubbles to appear with a constant movement. These bubbles will represent our fish or objects.

    The bubbles will approach our hook. After a few seconds, the hook will sink completely into the water, that's where we will press the right mouse button again. In this way, we can get our first fish or mystery object quickly and easily in Minecraft.

    All fish or the objects that we can find in our marine research they are random. This means that we will not always get the same reward; but it is worth noting that this method will help you progress in your level of play.

    However, there are spells that will help you a lot. Like the attraction spell, what is the attraction spell in Minecraft for? . This level III spell will reduce the cooldown time for fishing to five seconds.

    Fishing at a fast pace can damage your fishing rod. So a repair spell will also be useful, what is the repair spell in Minecraft for and how to use it? ; the same name indicates it, with this we repair different types of tools.

    Of course, if you need a large amount of fish, it is better to build an auto fishing farm in Minecraft. So you can devote yourself to other different tasks.

    What do you think? Remember to leave your opinions in the comments box. If you liked this content, share it with your family and friends on your social networks! Therefore, they can use this fabulous method of fishing in Minecraft.

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