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    How to make a door, secret door or automatic door in Minecraft?

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    Porting in Minecraft

    Minecraft is a video game with many tools that make it quite complex and extensive, in fact today it has a system with which you can do practically everything, with your imagination at the limit.

    Similarly, you can create your own dens and houses within Minecraft, which is why The doors are essential in the video game. Of course, there are very basic ways to make doors, the most essential are wooden doors. However, there are other viable ways to do them.

    With a little ingenuity it is possible to make secret doors or automatic doors, which in addition to doing the job of a conventional door, will offer extended options, which could be useful in various circumstances; For example, you might choose to make a secret door with sticky pistons in Minecraft.

    Have you ever wondered how make an automatic door in Minecraft? If so, we advise you to carefully read the following guide that we have prepared, in which we will show you which procedure to make an automatic door and what can be useful for hiding it.

    How to make a door, secret door or automatic door in Minecraft?

    Creating an automatic door is very convenient, since you don't have to press any buttons on your keypad to activate it, just stepping on the pressure plates in supplied you will be able to correctly activate this type of door, read the following guide carefully to learn how to make this door within Minecraft.

    What you need to make an automatic door

    • Blocks of any type of material.
    • Sticky pistons to attract a bucket. You can make your own sticky pistons in Minecraft with iron ingots, red stone and four rock cubes.
    • cheers
    • Red Rock.
    • Stone pressure plates.

    Create an automatic door in Minecraft

    1. The first thing to do is two rows of two blocks, which will represent the base of the door.
    2. Leave a free space on each side, there you will put two sticky pistons, one on top of the other. These will be placed on the sides of the door, remember as we pointed out earlier, leave a free space.
    3. Right in front of the pistons, it is necessary place a flashlight, this process will be repeated for each side. Now, on the flashlights you need to put a block of any kind.
    4. The next step is to place the stone pressure plates right in front of the block door.
    5. On each side of the stone slabs, you will need to open a hole and insert Redstone inside of. By doing this process, you will have already completed one side of the door, now go to the other side.
    6. On the other hand, repeat the procedure, i.e. put the stone slabs, open a hole next to them, but extend said hole just behind and under the pistons, creating a kind of L on each side, finally fill all these holes with Red Stone.

    After completing the previous process, you will have a working automatic door, to activate it you will only have to step on the pressure plates. If you want you can also decorate and change the appearance of the door, just remember to be careful not to damage the system created.

    Hide the door

    As we mentioned earlier, it is possible to make this type of door with virtually any element, which is why it is very easy to hide, just realize that you are using the same material present in the environment.

    This type of door can be especially useful in case you want to stay hidden in Minecraft. Using your wits it is possible to further improve the system, so we invite you to let your imagination fly to further expand the possibilities of this type of door.

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