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    How to make a fishing rod and fish in ARK: Survival Evolved? Get a lot of ARK fish

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    Currently, ARK allows the player to enjoy prehistoric times, see tribes and clans. Also, you can walk among many types of animals that go from dinosaurs to fantastic animals. The game is so vast that it has different types of maps, which can be free or paid. Users can get the best and latest maps at no extra cost.

    It is a game that will require la Graphic card computer, therefore its installation cannot be performed from any PC. The requirements to install ARK Survival Evolved can be viewed from our website, on your Steam file, or from the Epic Games store.

    Just like the first human settlements , the character has to create from scratch all the elements that make modern life so easy and safe. Likewise, clothing and food must be created, as well as other objects such as cement and chitin.

    One of the examples of the actions that must be performed by the players is the nutrition and health of the character, in how much there is a bar indicating how hungry and thirsty the player may be at a specific time, bringing a factor of realism seen only in recent times.

    Another action to take besides making sure you eat is getting food. For this, the player has some types of options that will suit most people's playing style. These include taming animals, hunting them and , in the case of fish, capture them . To do this, the player must have a rod.

    Requirements for making a fishing rod in ARK: Survival Evolved

    A chair or table is required for the character to rest on while fishing. Hence, you need to have 12 units of wood, 50 units of fiber and 20 units of straw.

    After storing all the materials needed to make the primitive barrel, the player must reach level 20 for the game to grant him the plans to make the rods. These can be used 3 times and are found on the map.

    For processing, that is simple and does not require the construction of the factory, yes it's about entering the inventory, make sure you have the amount of materials you need and then click on the button where the stick appears and it will automatically appear in the inventory.

    The fishing rod needs different types of lures to attract fish, of which Coel, Sabretooth Salmon and Giant Piranha can be caught. This bait can be leech blood or tree sap (the latter can be achieved by installing a sap tap in redwood forests)

    Tips for getting lots of fish in ARK: Survival Evolved

    First of all it should be remembered that with the fishing rod you can't just get fish, but you can also have access to different types of rewards that the game randomly gives to the player, among these are: absorbent substrate, leech blood, metal, obsidian, oil, glass, fiber, cement and coal.

    It should be remembered that the game assigns a button for the action of fishing, and the player must take into account that the frequency with which he has to press the button is calculated in based on the size of the fish, not the distance.

    In addition, there are different types of cane qualities. The primitive is the most basic of all and is the one that explains how to do it in the present. However, players can access the rising rod, which has a better fishing chance. This è obtains e kill an Alpha Mosasaur (as shown in the image above), however, is an impossible option for low-level players.

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