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    How to make a furnace or smelting furnace in Minecraft? - Artisan oven

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    Previous steps to create a smelting furnace in Minecraft

    To create this block it is necessary to have certain materials, none of which are naturally obtained in the state necessary for the recipe. For this reason it is necessary to perform some previous steps in order to create it.

    How to make an oven in Minecraft?

    The first thing to do is to create a common oven. This block is very simple, so it is enough to make a spike of any material and break the stone block, thus obtaining carved stone.

    To make the oven it is necessary to obtain eight units of carved stone. Then place them on the crafting table which covers all spaces except the middle one and click on the oven icon.

    Steps to make iron ingots


    Iron ingots are the second material to create a forno founders in Minecraft. To make or fabricate iron ingots you need to have a stone, iron, gold or diamond pickaxe and mine the iron ore block. A minimum of five iron ores are required.

    Then it is necessary to melt them in the oven created previously by introducing the minerals in the box above inside the interface of the same and placing a fuel in the box below. The fuels to operate the oven are coal, wood or logs.

    Once the two elements have been added to the oven, you have to wait a few moments for it to carry out the process and obtain them five iron ingots.

    How to make smooth stone?

    To make or work the smooth stone it is necessary to reuse the common oven. The smooth stone is the one that is commonly displayed in the Minecraft world and that when you break the pebble or the carved stone you get.

    It is necessary to obtain three cubes of carved stone or pebbles and then introduce them into the upper box of the furnace and place a fuel under it. After a short time, the desired block will have been generated.

    There is a way to mine this block at the time of mining, but for this you need a pickaxe with a specific spell that fulfills that function.

    Method to make a smelting furnace in Minecraft


    With all the elements obtained, all that remains is to organize them properly to make this type of oven. For this, three iron ingots need to be placed on a crafting table in the top three squares.

    Then in the middle row you need to place an iron ingot, a common furnace and another iron ingot, arranging them in this order. Finally, in the last row, place the three blocks of smooth stone and click on the icon of the melting furnace.

    He is alone need to place it in the right click to use it later. It should be noted that a smelting furnace in Minecraft only works for mineral materials, but has the advantage of running at twice the speed of a common furnace. Now that you know what is needed, you just have to go to your game. Remember that there are many other things to discover in Minecraft such as making good iron or diamond tools, so you should look for more tutorials.

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