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    How to make and design stairs in Minecraft? - Made of stone, concrete and other materials

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    The stairs of Minecraft

    One of the main features of this game is that of being able to design your home, castle, fort or whatever you have in mind, in total freedom. One of the main elements that allows you to achieve this are the stairs.

    Since it gives cohesion to your structures with more than one floor and in turn allows you to create various decorations such as furniture. Stairs can be made from many materials in the game, but the best and most beautiful are: bricks, Nether bricks, wood and stone bricks.

    It should be noted that, although the title reads that they can also be made with concrete, this is not actually possible, at least not in the latest version of the game.

    Now, to better understand how to make and design stairs in Minecraft, you have to go in order, so you will learn one by one how to do with each material, since they all start from the same base, but have variations.

    Create and design stairs in Minecraft

    The first two materials you will learn to use will be wood and stone: for the first you will need wooden pallets, which is the refined product that comes from the strain. You can make them with any type of wood, but it only has to be one at a time because several cannot be combined with each other.

    In the case of stone stairs, you need to have ordinary stone or stone bricks. Either way and with any of the materials, they need to be placed in a specific order on the construction table, which is:

    In the first row, an item is placed in the third box, in the second row they are placed in the second and third boxes, and finally in the third row it is placed in all boxes.

    In this way, the ladder will come out and it will be enough to touch it so that it is added to your inventory, these come in batches of 4 so if you want more you just have to add more material.

    Brick stairs

    As you have read, there are many types of stairs and one of the most beautiful is the brick one. To get them, you need to place the objects in the same way as the previous ones, only this time with brick blocks.

    To get these blocks, you have to collect some clay, which comes out by breaking a block of the same name with the shovel, once you have it you have to put it in the oven with any fuel and this will generate a brick. J Grease four of these construction bricks on the table, forming a frame in four squares and you will get the block.

    Nether brick stairs

    To complete your learning on how to make and design stairs in Minecraft, you will learn how to get Nether stairs. First, the assembly process is the same as all the above, in this case, only infra bricks or lower bricks are used.

    These can be obtained by inserting a netherrack into the furnace (which can be obtained in the underworld) with any fuel, the result will be bricks with which you will have to form a square in four squares so that the brick block below comes out.

    And ready with the latter, you already know everything you need to make and design stairs in Minecraft, there are many more, but these are the best to build. Now that you know all this, you can use the stairs to create a small town hall, an amazing modern house, build a wooden house, among many other things.

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