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    How to Position, Organize and Defend Your Base on Boom Beach to Win - Tips

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    If you are here it is possible that this is your case and you want to learn how to use a strategy to be able to defend yourself, let me tell you that you are in the right place, as we have prepared this article just to teach you how you should place, organize and defend your base from enemies.

    It is not very difficult once you have mastered some basic topics the rest will depend on you, you will see that after applying the advice we are about to give you, you will be a better player and you will be fully prepared to protect your base from any enemy.

    What is Boom Beach?

    If you are new to this game and want to try it, download it and who knows, it might even become one of your favorite games, since the  its gameplay is very addicting. Boom Beach is a game developed by the Supercell company that is dedicated to creating games of this style for the Android and iOS operating systems.

    The goal of the game is very simple, what you have to do is to create a base on a tropical island and get resources from it such as gold, wood, stone and others that you will use during the game to improve your buildings and recruit troops. In the part of the improvement of buildings or the construction of new ones, it is necessary to have stones in large numbers depending on what each construction requires. But how to get and have more stones at Boom Beach.

    Learning to exploit the full potential of this game is very important if your goal is to become one of the best players around Boom Beach and we will help you to achieve it with the advice we will give you. The statues are part of this game process, they are a kind of idols that have several important uses. Surely you are interested in learning how to use statues in Boom Beach? and the best statues and combinations.

    How to defend my base from enemies?

    If you follow the steps that we will show you below, you will improve greatly your gameplay, so pay close attention to the advice we will give you below.

    The attack process is very simple, but what makes Boom Beach fun is that you can face and attack other players' bases in different ways every time. Now, if we leave you with the tips that you are waiting for to attack and face other players in Boom Beach and that these attacks of other players do not harm you irreparably.

    Tip 1

    The first thing to take into consideration as soon as you start playing is to have your island well protected by creating as many sniper towers, mortars, mines, machine guns, cannons, etc.. Tanks are also part of this defense that you must have equipped and reinforced, they must be used in the best way to be successful but in case you are not very skilled in using them we will teach you how to best use the tanks in Boom Beach.

    Tip 2

    Don't build very far from defenses because if they are not together it will be more difficult to defend themselves, instead if your buildings, especially the important ones, are close to the defenses it will be more difficult for the enemy to reach them.

    Tip 3

    Another thing you should keep in mind is to upgrade the radar to the maximum so that you can more easily find the islands where you can loot the resources you will need to level up quickly. Remember to also see the replay of your battles lost to know where your defenses have failed and improve them later.

    Tip 4

    Finally remember to level up the camera where you keep your resources so that you can store everything you can inside it, remember that what you have inside can never be stolen so increasing the capacity of the camera to the maximum will allow you to keep there your wealth.

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