How to quickly farm munny, experience and materials in Kingdom Hearts III

    How to quickly farm munny, experience and materials in Kingdom Hearts III

    You are playing Kingdom Hearts III to unlock everything you can unlock? You'll need two things: a river of munny and an avalanche of synthesizing materials. In this guide you will find how to farm munny and materials quickly, as well as some tricks on how to level up quickly!

    How to quickly farm munny, experience and materials in Kingdom Hearts III

    • Farm Munny:

    Earning munnies will be one of the keys to the game. With some care, you can earn up to 10000 munny in an hour. First of all you will have to cook and swallow the foods that give you bonuses on munny gain, ie Rags of Wealth. After that, equip the Golden Amulet accessory: this equipment will also give you a bonus on munny gain. Now all you need will be plenty of enemies - head to the Keyblade Graveyard to find them. Spam Thundaza, which has a fast animation, to quickly eliminate all the enemies that surround you near the beach to quickly accumulate munny.

    • How to quickly level up:

    To climb the levels quickly, the first thing we will need will be the Ultima Weapon, one of the keyblades obtainable after following the appropriate guide. After making it ours, head to Arendelle, the world of Frozen, precisely at the lowest level of the Ice Labyrinth. Starting from the save point, go left and go through the frozen portal. Climb the abyss until you get to the middle level. With the slide in front of you, go left again and activate Battle Portal # 9 and prepare for battle.

    • Farming Hungry Gems:

    To farm this type of gems, it is always advisable to go near the Crystal Palace of Arendelle. Nearby you will find the Frozen Snakes: hit their tails to get the gems.

    • How to farm Source Crystals:

    To accumulate the Source Crystals you will have to head to San Fransokyo, precisely in the Central District. Climb the cylindrical skyscraper near the Save Point. Above you will find Battle Portal no.12. Through the battle that will start you will accumulate many Source materials.

    • Farming Adamantite, Electrum and Oricalco:

    These are three key materials for upgrades to our arsenal. To farm them quickly you will need to head to the Keyblade Graveyard via the Gummiship. We advise you to arm yourself with a model with as many guns as possible, in order to face the journey with good firepower.

    • Farming Shards, Stones, Gems and Frozen Crystals:

    To farm the frozen materials go to Arendelle, towards the Walls and go down along the ridge of the mountain. The enemies you will face as you descend will have a good chance of dropping the items in question. Entering and exiting the area after cleaning it will fill up again with enemies and you can start the process again.

    • Farming Sinister Shards, Stones, Gems and Crystals:

    To conquer the Sinister materials we will have to go to Mostropolis, these will be dropped by the Unversed. You won't find these materials anywhere else, only in the world in question. Head to the Save Point in the foundations of the Factory and start climbing, passing the corridors and assembly lines, until you reach the Save Point near the elevator and take it. During the various fights that will take place along the way, use the focus command against the Unversed to drop the materials in question. To continue the streak of interesting battles, go to the power plant and then head to the tank depot and then to the service area. On the way, skip the Heartless and always focus on the Unversed.

    How to quickly farm munny, experience and materials in Kingdom Hearts III

    Here's everything you need to know about how to farm munny and materials fast, plus some tips on how to level up quickly!

    ‚Ėļ Kingdom Hearts III is an Action-JRPG game developed and published by Square Enix for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, the video game was released on 25/01/2019
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