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    How to recover your Boom Beach account easily

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    What is Boom Beach?

    Boom Beach is a multiplayer video game in which you test your mobile strategy. This game was created by the Supercell company, there are similar video games in Boom Beach and you will surely have fun but nothing like Boom Beach.

    Something interesting about this game is that according to its security and service policies to play and download it, the person must be over 13 years old.

    The game is based on World War II, where the battles between Germany and the United States took place, and also between Japan and the United States.

    In this game you can use attacks against bases and an arsenal that needs to be optimized to make you do better. That's why we teach you how to upgrade the armory in Boom Beach. All this is available in the game and in the players, these battles take place in an archipelago with troops and defenses. With Boom Beach you can play with millions of players, as well as invading and destroying hundreds of enemy bases and creating loot.

    You as a player have the ability to build your base, modify, upgrade buildings and defenses. In addition to having the headquarters of an appropriate level in order to do it in the best way in the video game. In case you get stuck, we'll show you how to level up the headquarters at Boom Beach.

    In Boom Beach you as a player collect resources such as stone, iron, wood, gold to strengthen your base, you get diamonds when you reach your goals and rewards, you also have to buy them.

    You can also earn these diamonds when treasure chests appear, just click on them. The beneficial thing about these diamonds is that they can help you advance further in the game, as well as create troops, statues, buildings, among others.

    However, it can happen that sometimes your account may be closed and when you try again, the login does not allow it. It may happen that the ID has undergone a change, which may cause problems when accessing the game.

    How can you easily recover your Boom Beach account?

    If for some reason you have lost your Boom Beach account and want to get it back easily, I'll show you how to do it step by step:

    Step 1

    Verify your account name and from your computer access "Google Play" and immediately enter your ID as a player or your account in "Play the games."

    Step 2

    Enter the page «Boom Beach» and inside displays the "Adjustment" option located in the upper right part of the game.

    3 pass

    Now in the adjustment you will see the tab Google Play, it should be in red, there you will see the user's name and in the account the XP level.

    4 pass

    An emergency card will then appear asking you if you wish restore your "Google" connection account original or if it is your correct account. Your account has already been verified, go to the "Yes" option and click.

    If despite these steps you are unable to recover your Boom Beach account, it is possible that other factors are affecting, for example if you have forgotten your password or lost your username, or you have inadvertently blocked it and it could also be that you do not have it there. he latest version, therefore, you have to update Boom Beach is in a simple way and it will bring you many advantages so that you can continue playing the acclaimed and popular video game Boom Beach.

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