How to reduce or reduce the high ping in Valorant and solve connection problems - Fix Ping

Riot Games is a group of developers with a very diverse spectrum, as its most famous IP is League of Legends strategy video games, or known by its acronym as LOL. However, they recently released a new game that combines LOL's strategy skills and the skills you need to take from other shooting titles.

So what is Valorant? This is the above game. This proved its worth being streamed by various YouTubers and various Twitch players. These Live's have hundreds of thousands of fans who tune in and enjoy the game with their idols.

This game has a system of agents and heroes, which you will use at your decision depending on the scenario you are in. Many new players are wondering how to unlock all Valorant characters, as these generate very important tactical advantages for the game on a professional level.

All Riot games are available on their official website and they also have various options like i work programs, which are useful for novice developers.

What is Ping and Ping alto in Valorant?

It is important to note that Valorant is a first person shooter game and also has an online multiplayer service. For this, it is a connection is required Internet constant and some minimum requirements to run it on a PC. There are many ways to learn about your PC's capabilities and it's always important to know if a game is running on your PC.

In online interaction games, the actions taken by users must be views in the fastest way from the other inhabitants of the server. This introduces the concept of PING.

It turns out that while playing, our team must immediately send out a series of file packages with every action the player takes. These packages are decrypted on a central computer.

This time that the information is sent from our computer to the server is known as Latency or PING. These will decide how smooth the players' online experience will be.

How does high ping affect Valorant?

This problem negatively affects the game, as being a shooter, quick reactions and the ability to evade enemy fire are a must. When the internet can't keep up with servers and other players, latency issues will arise.

these they basically ruin the gaming experience online, since the information about when it takes time to arrive is usually discarded, so many times when we have a high Ping we can see how the shots hit our enemies, however, they are not recorded and the damage is not dealt to the enemy player , leading to frustrations and bad times.

How to reduce high ping in Valorant and fix connection problems?

We need to be clear about what our plan is with our Internet Service Provider (ISP). Once we know this, we can know if the problem is in the connection with the company or if it is a problem that occurs at home.

Usually, other devices connected to a Wi-Fi network will use passively the data, which slows down the router and prevents information from going quickly. If we imagine the internet and broadband to be a highway, the devices passing through the internet are basically traffic. In this case we can decide which devices are connected and which are not by configuring the router.

In this same configuration you will be able to change all data distribution values. Among them, you will be able to see your PC in the list and prioritize it so that it receives a better connection. Additionally, you can contact your ISP and request a plan change to a better one that allows for a better online experience and has lower latency. Furthermore, you can connect the ethernet cable directly to the computer.

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