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    How to reduce or remove lag in Fortnite for PC, PS4, Android, iOS Switch and Xbox

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    Distances have decreased, communications have been facilitated and the experience of the web has globalized life. Entertainment companies have participated in the evolution of various forms of entertainment, including, of course, i great video games.

    And it is that the community of players increases every minute, making the web their home, continuously expanding into every corner of the world where telecommunications are present.

    Connection problems

    Imagine being in an intense moment that promises to be incredibly epic in the game, and suddenly the picture is delayed and does not go according to the sound, or worse, an unwanted command is triggered and makes you lose the game, A complete nightmare!

    This experience is simply deplorable, minimizes patience and fosters the anger of fanatics. However, since nothing is forever, neither is this uncomfortable and disturbing situation.

    One of the main causes of a delay in communication in a computer network (Lag) is have a weak internet connection. Having a download speed that is faster than the loading or loading speed usually causes the game to slow down, eliminating the interactive dynamics.

    Can I fix it?

    The answer is yes, then you can start to relax, once the problem is solved, the your ping decreases, obviously. The solution is around the corner, but in this case it is in this wording.

    As we have indicated above, the internet connection must be optimal. This way you can avoid communication distortions and delays in some in-game objectives.

    Lag on PS4

    To resolve game lag on the PlayStation4 console, in addition to check that the internet connection is good, you need to follow these steps:

    • Proceed to close the application.
    • Press and hold the PlayStation button for restart the console.
    • After restarting the PS4, the lag should be gone and the game is running fine.

    Xbox, Switch, PC and mobile devices

    Since the causes of lag while playing are similar on all consoles, let's go back to the problem of connecting to the server.

    In the case of consoles, yes recommends restarting them and checking your internet connection. On mobile devices, on the other hand, in addition to restarting the application, it is recommended to put those applications that are not used on hold, as well as clearing the cache.

    In the case of the Nintendo Switch, users have reported continuous lag problems after the latest Fortnite update exclusively for this console. Fans have complained directly to the game developer Epic Games, asking for game optimization.

    Sound effects and replays

    These configurations, although they serve as a guide for visualize where the enemies are, affect your game performance, reducing the smoothness of the game.

    To deactivate it, you simply have to go to the game settings in the volume section and display the "Show sound effects" option in the "Sound" section and then deactivate it.

    Another configuration that affects performance is the Fortnite repeats, these aren't particularly necessary and, furthermore, they slow down the interaction, deploring the experience.

    Directly to the console

    To avoid this desperate situation of slow game, it is recommended to connect the console directly to an ethernet cable and not to the wireless network. This more direct link reduces the possibility of problems and improves your gaming experience.

    The whole internet will flow directly to the console or your PC, elevating the experience and reducing the possibility of unexpected situations.

    Unlimited experience

    It's time to check your connection, get your adrenaline pumping and join the experience offered by this incredible game. Alive epic battles and interact with millions of users around the world in one game, Fortnite.

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