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    How to see, show and download PING in LOL in game or before you start playing

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    The average ping will appear at the bottom right. It is important to know that a ping less than 25ms is ideal, while one greater than 120 ms should cause concern.

    If you are interested in see your ping in real time While playing LOL, hold down the G key and select the option you want to activate, in this case ping. If it's not the letter G, it's because you may have changed the key you want to activate notifications for.

    What is delay and why does it occur?

    The word 'lag' translates from English to Spanish as 'lag'. This delay can be generated in any data exchange via the Internet.

    Actions such as sending / receiving WhatsApp messages, video calls, video conferences, playing on online servers, among others, can be victims of lag.

    In this data transfer, the Internet connection may not cooperate with us, therefore this delay is generated that affects the experience offered by the game or application.

    For example, in a videoconference, we can detect that there is a delay in communication because it is unstable or the image is distorted. This may be due to your internet connection, that of the other person, or the call service server.

    If during 2020 you had LOL delays, say goodbye to lost games, now, with the advice given here, there will be no reason to lose again.

    When you talk about lag, you can also refer to other terms like 'Ping' and milliseconds, we will explain it to you below.

    What is PING and how to lower it?

    In short, ping is the number of milliseconds (ms) required to send a packet from computer A to server B, then the server response is sent to computer.

    As you can understand, having a high ping is bad for whatever activity you are doing. Throughout 2020, ping lowering programs have become very popular. For example, the exit delay.

    This type of program is the answer in case you were wondering how to fix ping in lol 2020. Normally, the data emitted from your computer passes through several antennas until it finally reaches your company's server.

    What this type of program looks for is to try to make the data transmission more linear and efficient, therefore, as the data arrives faster, pinging the internet it will be much lower.

    Surely you were already imagining it, this type of programs are paid. And although the monthly payment is not very expensive (5,5 € per month) you may not be interested in this option, then there is even more.

    Tips for playing LOL without lag on Windows

    While the WiFi connection offers great convenience, for online video games like League of Legends, connecting to the Internet via a Ethernet cable is the best option.

    Likewise, if your WiFi router is far from the room with the computer, measuring ping in lol, you will find a big difference compared to if you were near the router.

    One of the main reasons the internet might be slow could be the number of people connected to the Internet.

    If at night, even when no one is connected, you feel a lot of lag or a high ping, your best bet is to hire a better connection package. 

    On the other hand, one of the reasons lol may be delayed could be due to the server location on you are playing.

    If we are playing League of Legends and the server is in Argentina, for example, we will need one best internet connection for have a low ping and a fast connection.

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