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    How to unlock secret hidden games menu on Nintendo Switch?

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    If you didn't know this secret, it's because you still don't know how to squeeze all the juice out of your console, as along with this menu trick there are many others that make your console experience much more interesting of that already is, as you can see later.

    How to unlock the secret hidden games menu?

    Now, to start this guide on the right foot and learn as soon as possible how to unlock the secret hidden games menu, the first thing you should know is that you will not win any extra games by doing this trick, as what really is allows you to see an extended menu of all your games.

    It's called the hidden menu, because it doesn't appear until you have thirteen games on the console, that is you must download or have played at least thirteen of recent for this feature to appear on your Nintendo.

    Once you have played or have these thirteen items (what a lucky number), you have to go to the final part of the games menu which is on the right of your screen, now an icon will appear which is called "All programs", Which is represented by four white squares that form a large square.

    When you tap this option, the menu will expand, allowing you to see all the games in an ordered listinstead of what they looked like before. And voila, this is the secret of the hidden menu that Nintendo keeps for those who play many of its titles.

    Other tricks for Big N consoles!

    With the above, you already know how to unlock the secret hidden games menu, so it's time to show you other cool tricks or features that can complete your gaming experience.

    So that after seeing this, you can keep looking for more relevant things like: How to play Nintendo Switch with controllers from other consoles?

    Now, the first trick you will see is how to shop in stores or bazaars in other countries. This console is one of the only ones in the world with a free region, that is, it does not have a regional block of games, so you can download demos and even buy in any store in any country like Japan.

    To do this, you have to go to the official Nintendo website and create an account other than your main account, in which you have to enter all your original data, but instead of putting your country of origin you have to put that of the store what do you want to use.

    So you just have to create another user in your console and assign that account, with this you will see who you are authorized to access the store of the country you have chosen without any problem (it is a legal procedure).

    Save your Nintendo battery!

    This console allows you to play in portable mode as everyone knows, and that's great, the only flaw is that depending on how demanding your game is, the Switch's battery will last between 2,5 and 6 hours (which is very little).

    To add more time to your games, what you should do is go to the section "Console settings" and there choose the option " Flight mode » , this action will cause Nintendo to disconnect Bluetooth and Wi-Fi allowing the battery to last longer.

    Another way to activate the mode is to hold down the HOME button for three seconds. And ready with that you know how to unlock Nintendo's secret hidden games menu and also know more useful tricks.

    Before leaving, you we suggest di further expand your knowledge of this console and seek: How to fix the drop in FPS or performance on Nintendo? , to enhance your experience.

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