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    How to use the statues in Boom Beach? - The best statues, combinations, etc.

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    This artifact for those unfamiliar with it is one of the most common but at the same time excellent in the game. Because it allows you to add attributes to your troops and towers that will help you create a strategy for both offense and defense (the best thing is, it's not hard to understand how they work).

    Before starting your apprenticeship you should read a Boom Beach tutorial guide for beginners, because using statues is something a little more advanced.

    What are the statues?

    To get started with learning the use of statues in Boom Beach, you first need to know what they are and what types exist (as there are more than one), because this will help you understand better.

    These objects are a kind of idols, which are shaped like statues made by Indian chiefs. They will basically give the person setting them up on their island a passive ability that can boost a stat in the game.

    So far there are 4 types of statues, which would be: magma, ice, darkness and life. Each is represented by a different color, ice is blue, magma red, dark purple and life green.


    All raise a different statistic, so there is no one better than the other, it all depends on the strategy you want to consider when playing (aggressive or defensive) . In the case of magma, these increase the damage of the troops and their health, the dark ones increase the probability of obtaining power stones and rewards.

    Those of life, give more production of resources, some individually others to all equally, and finally those of ice, increase the health and damage of all buildings. It should be noted that the percentage of all of these stats varies by statue level and is random.

    The levels are divided into: idol, guardian and masterpiece. Be one stronger than the previous one in the same order. All the statues will look different (per level) and will cost more or less resources depending on which one it is.

    How to use the statues in Boom Beach?

    It is time to finally learn how to use the statues in Boom Beach, for this you must first decide a strategy, if it is offensive you have to use the red and dark combination, and if it is defensive, life and ice.

    When you have decided on your combination (you can vary it as you like), it will be time to build them. The material you need to create them are energy stones. These stones come in three stages: shard, shard, and last crystal.


    If you wonder how to get and have more stones in boom beach (those of power)? You should know that to get them you have to attack the islands. The hit rate is given to you by the same game just when you are on top of an enemy base. The best and most powerful are in the black guard bases.

    These stones will appear when destroy an enemy building. Each statue, depending on its level, will ask you to build a number and its construction will only take place in the sculpture workshop. Once you have them, you can distribute them like any other building.

    With the latter there is nothing more to say, hence the question How to use the statues in Boom Beach ?, has been completely fixed, now go to your mobile and activate your game so you can get started with your statue strategy.

    Remember that this game is very addicting and beautiful, so if you entered this article just out of curiosity, let yourself be carried away by the emotion and download it to try it out. Because there is nothing better than a new title.

    Finally, keep in mind that it is worth looking for how to get diamonds and gems in Boom Beach, in order to purchase the materials to create the statues faster.

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