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    How to use or get hook and talent in Far Cry 5 for PS4, PC and Xbox One - Cheats

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    The evolution of video games over the years has been improving, both in the graphics, in the gameplay and in the attractive and unique story that can make a game the best of the year. That's why Ubisoft has one of the most iconic video game sagas in history; Far Cry video game that has a wide variety of versions and is still on the market today.

    In this post we will talk about how to use or get hook and talents in Far Cry 5. Read on and find out everything about this great video game.

    What is Far Cry 5?

    Far cry 5 is a video game of the FPS (first person shooter) genre, developed by the Crytek franchise and distributed by the Ubisoft company. This fantastic video game has a online multiplayer mode and a single campaign, in which the story revolves around the apocalyptic sect known as the Gate of Eden. With a location in Hope County, Montana, in the United States.

    Far cry 5 is not a game to be taken lightly like any shooter, in devoting oneself to level up only by eliminating the enemies you encounter; as there are a few tricks to keep in mind when growing. And so in this way you get all the special talents and abilities.

    On the other hand, this game has a large variety of missions in online multiplayer mode, which is why the best for playing online on a PC Gamer or console are its features and functions.

    What talents should you get first in Far Cry 5?

    Skills in Far Cry 5 are essential to the survival and adventure and they are also of great importance in advancing the story of the game. To unlock them you will have to accumulate experience points which are very scarce to obtain; Therefore, you have to be very wise when choosing the talent that will mainly benefit you.

    Between these important talents and that we recommend to unlock there are: the hook, the parachute and the wingsuit. For this you must have a sufficient number of points to get them.

    • The Hook: is one of the easiest talents to get, that will allow you to reach high or inaccessible places. Also, in some missions it is mandatory to have this tool. That's why it should be the first talent you need to acquire.
    • The Parachute: Without a doubt a talent that will save you from those fatal falls you have accidentally, or simply in those moments of action where any leap from a great height could be your salvation.
    • Air suit: This will mainly help you in times when you have to travel long distances, that's where you need to climb to great height and be able to use this suit by moving at high speed in a straight line, which allows you to take a nice shortcut.

    It is important to remember that talent points are your main mission in this game, since with them not alone you will be in degree of perform special missions ; It will also allow you to advance in the story. The two ways to get these points quickly are:

    • Completing main and secondary missions
    • By completing special challenges.

    On the other hand, you have to take into consideration where you will run this video game and the format you download is ideal for your console or computer; As there are compatible games in various formats to run on XBOX One, Xbox series and others.

    Also, if you want to download PS4 games from Android you can find other titles from Google Play, which will give you a good experience in FPS games and other genres. And in this way, make the most of the FPS experience that Far Cry 5 will give you.

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