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    How to win and get free gems and chests in Clash Royale

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    To start the game, select the cards that will make up your deck with the options you will have available; Although in the beginning these options are somewhat limited, little by little they will be wider.

    On the other hand, it is vitally important to pay attention to elements such as the elixir bar which will allow you to determine the status of your enemy and design a better strategy.

    At the start of the game you will receive 100 gems, which represent the exchange currency in Clash Royale, with which you can speed up your progress. How to get them for free?

    Get free gems and chests

    Many try to get chests and gems using pages or apps of third parties who may enter conflict with the game app. If you were one of them and had to leave your account, it might be time to easily recover the account on your Android or iPhone. If you want to avoid this situation, we have some tips for you that can help you get chests and gems safely.

    Wait patiently for the next breast

    Although the game offers you the option to purchase gold chests by paying with your gems, however, you can never be sure what you will receive.

    Therefore, it is better save your gems and use them for better offers or to participate in tournaments where you get good prizes.

    Wait the necessary time for open chests for free and accumulate precious gems and other useful items.

    He is always looking for chests

    Although it may seem like a slow method, open the chests is the surest way to get precious gems, albeit a little bit at a time.

    It is best to open the wooden, silver and gold chests whenever they are available, without letting them accumulate, this way you will get the most out of this feature. If at this point you've had a problem with your video game and triggered an error, a very common one is that Clash Royale won't open or close by itself or while loading, that too has a solution.

    Take advantage of free events

    Lately, Clash Royale usually launches special events on a weekly basis to introduce new characters or features, which do not require payment with gems. You can have fun participating, as you choose, if the way you play allows it.

    Become a follower of competitive players

    Many experienced players in this game have become youtubers or share their progress on social networks where you can keep up to date with useful updates and tips.

    Become a follower of this type of players can be very beneficial for you. On the one hand, you will receive good advice that will allow you to improve your performance.

    And on the other hand, by participating in the contests or surveys that usually launch these types of influencers, Gems can be obtained as part of the reward.

    Play actively for your clan

    Being part of a clan will help you to level up faster, thanks to what other members do to you. You can also advance by helping others with their cards.

    That tu take part in tournaments, beat the waves or support other members in 2-on-2 battles, you can get more chests containing gems. You will progress much faster than playing individually.

    Why use gems?

    The Gem of Clahs Royales they have very different uses. For example, you can reduce the time between opening each crate. 1 gem allows you to subtract 10 minutes from the total time.

    You can also use them to get items from the shop, among them are the Giant Chests, Magic Chests and Super Magic Chests that depending on the level you are in, they will give you a certain number of cards and gold.

    Another way to use them is in case you want to improve your cards; If you don't have the required amount of gold, you can complete the transaction by paying with your gems. If you have so much fun in this genre and want to play something similar to Clash Royale, you can try searching for strategy games or learn with us what other games are similar to Clash Royale for PC, Android or iPhone.

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