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    LA Noire - Complete Solution Case 14

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    LA Noire, Case 14 - "The Black Caesar"

    This is the first case in the narcotics section. Start by examining the body on the chair and the items it used to take drugs. Then check the wallet and the items inside. Then move on to the other corpse (the one on the floor): examine him and also examine his wallet, which you will have to take out of his pocket. On the table you will find a folded card with the design of three cherries, a bell and the words "win". Next to this card is a glass that reads "Black Caesar": examine it and turn it over to get an important clue. Go to the kitchen and look for the glass identical to the previous one: also turn this over to find another important clue. Before you leave, also check the objects that have fallen on the floor just outside the kitchen.

    Now get out, take the car and go to the Black Caesar. Go through the courtyard and examine the briefcase that you will find on the ground just outside the door. You will find a trumpet with its mute and a ticket. Examine the latter, then disassemble the muffler to find another clue inside. Then turn your attention to the boxes on the left and, once you have examined these too (inside you will find the same glasses seen in the victims' kitchen) go back outside to question Morgan. The questions may not be in this order, check which of the two the game will propose before answering:

    - Claim about morphine and glasses of popcorn: FALSE
    - Another statement: DOUBT

    Use a phone on the street to find your next destination. Once you enter the agency go through the first door on the left, watch the movie and head towards the juke-box. Enter the radio frequency 270 FM and get ready for an action scene, at the end of which you can return to the jukebox and examine all five objects it contains. Now check the radio on the cabinet (flip it over to find a clue), then move on to Jones's interrogation:

    - Statement 1: DOUBT
    - Statement 2: FALSE
    - Statement 3: DOUBT

    Head out onto the street and, once again, use a pay phone to find out your next destination. Once there, check the phones on the table at the back of the room, then go to the slot machine. Play around for a while until you get the combination you saw drawn on the card at the beginning of the case. The slot machine will open, allowing you to examine the clues contained within. A foot chase will follow: capture your fugitive for questioning.

    - Statement 1: FALSE
    - Statement 2: TRUE

    Prepare, after the interrogation, for another action scene. Then continue with the investigation in the warehouse, where on one of the two tables you will find one of the game's collectible newspapers (to be precise, this is the seventh newspaper). Move your attention to the other table to examine the log, on which you will have to select the lines that mention "Polar Bear Ice Company" and the name of "Merlon Ottie". Retrace your steps and follow the wall until you reach the ladder. Climb to the top and use the crane to remove the crates that obstruct your path (the ones in front of the door). Go down and enter the new room. Fire a few shots at the stone block to break it and find the drug hidden inside. Before continuing you will have to face an action scene.

    Once the shooting is over, go to the Polar Bear Ice Company. Here you will face a new action scene, at the end of which you just need to open the wooden chest to complete the case.

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