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    New World Basic Guide: Top Tips for Getting Started in Aetérnum

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    In recent years, open world games like Minecraft have been developed. Right now, New World is the latest game that has become very popular due to how amazing and fun it is, if you are new to this game and want to become one of the best, you have to follow the Basic Guide for New World that we offer you here.

    How many types of damage are there in the New World game?

    The New World game offers a wide variety of types of damage in so that players can fight with their enemies, these types of damage we will show you below:


    The damage done by the cuts can be very effective or not, this will depend on the type of enemy, for example the weapons they are cutting are very ineffective against Ancient enemies, however, for the enemies of Angry Earth the cutting weapons can be very effective. Among the weapons of the court are swords, axes and the great ax.


    The damage offered by the weapons of  Lunges o Thrusts it can be a great option for fighting with corrupt enemies, if you use Lunge's weapons with Angry Earth's enemies you can lose points, this is because these weapons do not affect said enemy. Throwing weapons include arrows, spears, and daggers.

    To knock

    The shots are very effective for killing the enemies that make up the clan of Ancients and that of the Beasts, these hits cannot be used with Taken enemies because they can steal energy at the moment of the hit


    The fire tool that is the Fire Staff, is very effective against the enemies of Angry Land, it is also effective against the enemies of Lost.


    The ice tool is the glove of ice, this tool is very good for fighting lost enemies, as it increases them by 15% damage.


    Weapons of nature such as air can be a great tool to fight against the enemies of Corrupted and Lost, the latter giving 30% damage.


    The weapons of the void can increase damage by 15% to ancient enemies, these weapons are not recommended for lost enemies, as they can cause the data to affect you and not the enemy.

    Lighting bolt

    When fighting with the Ancients, it is highly recommended to use lightning as this weapon can affect this enemy by up to 30%.


    Arcane can be the best option when fighting against the Ancients, this weapon can increase the damage to these enemies by 30%.

    What is the way you can recover from the damage done by your enemies?

    When you take a lot of damage during a fight you will lose space in the life bar, leaving this bar empty can cause you to lose the game, that's why you have to recover from damage, you can do it in the following ways:


    The food that each player consumes makes them naturally regain the lives they lost during the fight, that's why yes recommends that each player consume food, it is also necessary to frequently check that they have enough in their repository.

    Your team

    The equipment he owns the New World game it can be customized, that is, you can use different armor that will protect you, the use of these armor makes players recover from the damage that the enemies have done. In this game you can now add a friend to a game just like in games like Clash Royale.

    How does collecting and crafts work within New World?

    The first part of the game is to explain how the collection works, this collection crosses several levels, it is essential that you pass them to obtain the necessary materials for the game.

    It is also necessary that at the beginning of the game you take the tools that you will use for the collections. Harvesting skills include; tree felling, fishing, mining, these skills in turn have different levels as mentioned above, enter each of these levels to get materials.

    The materials must be refined through Crafting as in Minecraft, this means that through Crafting the minerals are refined or transformed into objects or tools of any kind. To achieve this, the player must travel to a town or city in order to use the forge on duty, which must contain a tall ship to obtain an advanced material.

    Running these collections allows you to get advanced collection tools that help players level up faster. 

    What does the New World inventory contain?

    The New World game offers all its users an inventory in which they can only place 200 units (the space of this inventory can increase its space from levels 15 and 30), this inventory contains all the materials that the players have collected during the game, among the materials it can contain are:

    1. potions
    2. jeweler
    3. Weapons.
    4. Meal.
    5. Woodworking material.
    6. Repair parts.

    What are stock exchange gaps?

    In every level you climb in this game, they will come unlocked inventory spaces, i.e. holes for bags, in them you can filter different bags to increase the player's inventory space. You can buy these bags in the gaming market.

    What is the fast journey to save time in the video game?

    The New World game has a system for fast travel between cities, these trips allow players to quickly travel through all cities, so as not to get lost you can use the map that the game offers you. This form of travel can only be achieved at levels 30.

    The price of these trips will depend on the weight you carry, to avoid being expensive, keep some of the weapons you don't need urgently, keep the unnecessary items, change the armor to a lighter one, when you go into battle you can change it, just bring the necessary food. This way, you won't carry that much weight on the trip and therefore it won't be that expensive. 

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