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New World has already ended up on our pages, as well as on many of our PCs, including guides and news on its successes. Today, however, let's tackle together the essential component of both the Amazon Games Studios game and the MMORPG genre itself: theendgame.

MMORPGs are titans in constant evolution, and New World is no exception: not even reaching more than 100 hours of play and taking the character beyond level 50 is not automatically synonymous with "arrival" at the endgame. To understand what this MMORPG offers in the long run, there are 3 key aspects: equipment, land control and crafting.

Hunting for equipment

This element is far from unique in the genre landscape and, even in New World, finding that specific piece with those specific perks will take time and patience.

For example, if you want to increase the amount of transportable resources, you should aim to craft one "overloaded" backpack, which can therefore physically carry more, but not without forgetting the mods, peculiarities that could allow you, for example, to "make certain materials weigh less", such as wood or minerals.

In the New World endgame, most of the objects have 3 different modifiers plus a gem space, and this means that in order to have the bare essentials, that is, ideally, a dedicated set for farming and one specifically for battles, you should invest several hours; add the possibility (necessity) to forge specific sets to facilitate the fight against specific types of enemies, and the hours of play take off.

Control of the territory

Players from level 60 and above can undertake the so-called "Outpost Rush“, PvP matches that disregard the possible birth of a real war between factions or in any case the open-world PvP events that New World sometimes sets in motion; these are 20 vs 20 battles that facilitate the recovery of resources, removing the tediousness of having to search too much for them.

These battles can be activated at any time, the only request is to have passed the level cap.


There are so many different options in New World: you can become very good at crafting potions, keys, weapons, food, or even become skilled fishermen. The level 60 we were talking about before is only one of the objectives to be pursued, and the amount of skills related to crafting and farming is really very high; all this goes to converge in an endgame activity with which the players will engage very late in the game, that is the housing system.

In fact, it is possible to create lodgings both for pure aesthetic disagreement and for functional purposes, filling the homes with adorable animals, precious trophies and dozens of decorative trappings; an accommodation also offers important storage resources for materials.

Before saying goodbye, a small note: most of the other activities present in the New World endgame, such as i dungeon, the farming with the portals, the quests and the moments of PvP realm against realm, are not exclusive to it, so they can be safely and naturally experienced while climbing the levels, and for this we have not dedicated a dedicated space to them.

► New World is an RPG-Adventure game developed by Amazon Amazon Game Studios and published by Amazon Game Studios for PC, the video game was released on 28/09/2021

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