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    On which platforms can I buy New World? - Standard or deluxe edition

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    New World is the video game developed by Amazon Game Studios, released in August 2020. This video game is illustrated in a XNUMXth century setting where players explore different lands and at the same time have to colonize them at image and likeness of the British America.

    This video game is as exciting as teleporting to an unknown universe where you will have the opportunity to interact with other characters managed by real players. The New World video game is an online multiplayer role-playing game, which allows thousands of users to enter this adventure at the same time.

    The story of this video game is based on alternative historical events, as well as the environments in which events take place, which is located on an imaginary island full of mythical creatures. 

    Where can you buy the game from right now?

    The New World video game is currently only available for computers. You can buy it by purchasing it through the official page of Amazon, the creator of the video game. You are probably wondering if you need an Amazon account to buy New World on Amazon. The answer is no, you don't need to have an Amazon account.

    Despite this, you need to have a Steam account to start the game. Where in fact you can also acquire this game. On both platforms, that is Amazon e Steam, you can purchase one of the two versions of New World available so far. 

    If you want to acquire the game via either of these two platforms, you have to keep in mind that this it has a cost, although its cost is not very high. It may vary depending on the country you are in.  

    What does the Deluxe version of New World include? Is it worth paying the difference?

    If you are planning to acquire the "new" New World video game, you have to decide between two versions. These are the Deluxe version and Standard version. Both are available on the Amazon platform and the Steam platform. However, as expected, one is more exclusive than the other, so they have different prices, although these are not very far from each other.

    Both versions are very similar, getting either of them will not generate any impediments in the game or any advantage in it. The difference is mainly in the appearance, in accessories or objects to improve your appearance or that of other factors in the game. 

    Recall that within the New World video game every player is free to act and try to survive as it sees fit. If you have enough money and like to keep up to date with the latest in video games, you can buy the Deluxe version, if this is not your case, you can buy the Standard version, which will not take away any advantage over other players with the Deluxe version.

    The Deluxe version (the more expensive of the two available versions) offers the player the following options to spend their adventure in the New World. As we pointed out earlier, this version it does not offer them any advantage in the video game compared to players who have the Standard version. 

    Lumberjack's Armor and Hatchet

    The armor and the lumberjack hatchet are one of the virtues that the Deluxe version of New World offers you. The lumberjack armor allows the player's character to blend into the undergrowth of the different environments as if he were really a lumberjack. This dress will also allow you to stand out from other players

    The hatchet will allow you to complete your lumberjack look. It is a special leather made to cover your battle ax. However, this article is more than just a matter of appearance - to improve your image in the game. 

    pet mastiff

    When you reach level fifteen (15) of the New World video game, the option to have a house is automatically unlocked and with the Deluxe version you can acquire a pet, a mastiff that will take care of your home while you are away. Likewise it will only be useful for that, you won't be able to remove it from the site or something similar.

    Rock, paper, scissors gestures set

    This emoticon set also works as a game when having fun with other players. Likewise, it can be very useful when you have to make certain decisions in the game. 

    New world digital art book

    It is a digital collection of images awesome of concept art on the creation and development of this video game. Even if you are not a New World gamer and are a fan of this type of art, you can purchase this book online.  

    What requirements does your PC need to make New World work perfectly?

    One of the recommended requirements in order for the video game to develop normally on your computer is that it has a free memory space of 50 GB, you must also have a CPU with an Intel Core i7-2600K or AMD Ryzen 5 1400 processor, subscribed to this the RAM should be 16 GB .

    Do your best because your computer's video card is NVIDIA GTX 970 or AMD Radeon R9 390X, the hard drive should be SSD (solid drive) and its OS Windows 10 64bit and DirectX version 12. However, if not you have all these requirements, the New World game may work fine if you have the minimum requirements you will see below.

    • 50 GB of available storage space 
    • Intel Core i5-2400K processor / AMD CPU with four 3 GHz physical cores
    • 8 GB of RAM 
    • NVIDIA GTX 670 or AMD Radeon R9 280 2GB video card
    • 7200 HDD hard drive
    • Windows 10 64 bit operating system and DirectX version 12

    In which languages ​​will New World be available?

    New World, being a massively multiplayer video game, means that supports more than one million (1.000.000) concurrent players worldwide, so it is currently available in seven (07) languages.

    Among the available languages ​​we can find English, American English and English, German, Polish, Portuguese, French, Italian and Spanish.

    Will New World be available to play on consoles like Xbox or PS5?

    The administrators of the social networks of the New World video game have provided official information via their Twitter account, where they have already received a large number of questions from their followers, about whether New World can be played on Xbox or PS5 consoles.

    The response from the administrators of this account was a resounding NO. At least in the near future. They said that for now and until the foreseeable future, New World can only be played on computers. 

    However, they also made it clear that they don't rule out this option of expanding their adaptation to the PlayStation and Xbox platforms into one distant future. 

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