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    Plant vs Undead All Plants List - Get all the details

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    What are the different types of plants in Plant vs Undead?

    Plants that are part of this platform can be found across the market in Plant vs Undead and are divided into  9 different types, which are: light, fire, dark, electro, ice, wind, parasite, water and metal.

    In addition to these types, they can also appear in rarities types, which are divided into four and are:  mythical, uncommon, rare and common. Each of these has different levels that will generate different income, as well as other totally different situations.

    How do you make money with plants in Plant vs Undead?

    After making the first investment, and in case you have decided to farm on the platform, establishing the profit of a plant is very simple and depends entirely on  from watering together with the hours that a month includes.

    Depending on the plant, the gain will be, in the case of a parasitic plant, for example, we are talking about a gain that is around $ 620 per month, which would allow you to recover the main investment in the case of $ 1200.

    Although there are other ways to earn money besides watering them, taking care of them or based on weather events, this is the most basic way an income can be made.

    Which growth and production optimizers can I use in my plants?

    Each of the silvers is capable of  generate a totally different profit a  depending on time and other elements that complement it, then choosing the most suitable ones will allow for a much higher income.

    Sunflower art

    This optimizer lasts about 3 days, the effect of which is 250 LE every 72 hours, with no possibility of seed drop despite using much larger pots. This is a temporary implant.

    Sunflower mom

    The cost of this booster stands at 200 LE and affects the mother shaft, which  it would give him 850 LE every 144 hours, similarly giving it zero chance of seed drop even with larger pots.

    Is it important to consider the weather order in Plant vs Undead?

    Weather in an important detail for winnings and the game itself, this element must be taken into account and users must take it into account, as it can help increase the benefits that are desired, as well as decrease them.

    Therefore,  being attentive to the calendar of weather cycles will allow you to avoid losses  or to use each of them to your advantage, since their duration is within the 24 hours of validity, the same time in which you will see the increase according to the percentage that indicates the event.

    On average, how much do Plant vs Undead plants make?

    The Plant vs Undead Winner can be seen as a very simple item, in some cases it may be so, many of the parasitic plants generate around $ 600 in a month, with the watering process alone.

    Now, this  it is an always fluctuating price, which is due to the change that the USP undergoes in the market, when it goes from LE to this, so what today can be located at that price in a few weeks can have a greater profit.

    This type of gain also varies based on the type of plant, enhancers and other factors surrounding it, all of which elevate their value to the user.

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