The best strategy games to play without internet connection on Android or iOS

The world of video games is incredibly vast, so much so that inside we can find a large number of categories according to which they are classified and within these categories we can find other categories to specify a better description of the game.

Therefore, access to them has also been directed towards the download platforms on Android mobile phones, allowing you to enjoy both of old titles that we could play on a computer or video game console, both of new titles and exclusive to such operating systems.

What types of video games are there?

There is a great variety of games, and it is that to describe their types we must first understand that it is a video game. It is a systematized program whose purpose is mainly entertainment, allowing the user to have fun or go out while using it.

Now, since the creation of the first video game "Pong" where the game was very similar to a tennis court, where two bars represented each user and the goal was not to miss a ball bouncing several times. This was the pillar upon which the recent titles were subsequently developed.

Today there are platform games, where a character tries to cross a world, fighting games, car racing games, shooting games , games of strategy, games of skill and many more.

What games are there for the Android and iOS operating systems?

Now, there are many categories in which it has been possible to adapt certain controls and playability with the sistema touch screen, but there are other categories that have not yet achieved the goal of moving from a video game console to a mobile phone.

Among the types of games that we can find on smartphone there they are fighting games, aiming games, basketball games, roblox, games such as billiards, poker, ludo, among others; platform games, games in which pet care is simulated and so on.

Is it possible to play on smartphones without the Internet?

If possible, as some games allow it, some can be played completely without the Internet, while others only allow access to a small portion of the game. It all depends on the purpose for which the developer or developers created it.

Now, to be totally sure that we will be able to use the game without the internet, i.e. offline, we just write the game type in the download search engine and let's add the word offlinefor example, a Tetris game without the internet would be 'Tetris Offline'.

The best strategy games to play without internet connection on Android or iOS

Among the best strategy titles that we find to play on smartphones is Kingdom Rush Frontiers, where the main objective is to lead our army against rival areas, while at the same time we must also defend our areas from many enemies.

The second title mentioned is Dungeon Cards, an incredible game in which we will appreciate an excellent mix of puzzle, dungeon exploration and card strategy. Great fun for those who really like to strain their brains in difficult situations.

The last title to mention is Nonstop Knight, which is a game whose playability is so efficient that it can be played with one hand, where the purpose is very similar to that of Dungeon Cards, only in this case we will have a main character in the game.

For most players, the strategy genre is something that if it's not truly appreciated, it's not something you want to play. That is, only people who like to suffer after thinking about how to win, can last a long time in the game.

Finally, we hope this article has helped you. However, we would like to know your opinion: what is the best strategy game for Android for you? Who has better games, Android or iOS? Leave us your answers in the comments.

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