Dark Souls - Boss Guide: Cradle of Chaos

    Oh, there Cradle of Chaos… In a complete self-respecting guide, unfortunately we must also include her in the list. Unfortunately, we write because the Cradle is, without turning around it, one of the gods worst case design bosses in history recent video game.

    Dark Souls - Boss Guide: Cradle of Chaos

    After all, unwittingly, the Cradle of Chaos has the last fragment needed by the Vessel of Lords to pave the way for Gwyn. The other lords have been abundantly covered: Seath the Scaleless, Nito and the Four Kings. She is missing, the sore point of any self-respecting game.

    If we played find the intruder, the Cradle of Chaos, the mother generator of all demons, would stand out among the lords. The Demon of the Refuge, the Demon Taurus, the Demon Goat and many others are the result of this creature born by chance, and which by chance has the fragment we need.

    Dark Souls - Boss Guide: Cradle of Chaos

    This demonic cradle resides in the heart of Lost Izalith, beyond the Ruins of the Demon. For this reason defeat Infinite Discharge is mandatory, while the other two bosses before her are optional, but only by donating 30 humanity to the Fair Lady, sister of Quelaag; after making a pact with her, crossing a forgotten secret passage leads directly to Lost Izalith.

    A place of perdition and now abandoned, at the mercy of lesser demons and other horrifying creatures, legend has it that FromSoftware hastened the work in this area because the title would be released shortly thereafter and that therefore Lost Izalith is incomplete, sketchy. And like an everlasting fire brand, the Cradle of Chaos shows us how.

    A moment before challenging the Cradle we have to deal with a figure dressed in the same clothes we found near the Infinite Discharge: a daughter of the Witch of Izalith who survived the catastrophe that enveloped her sisters, of which she was the oldest. This expert pyromancer is the last defense that the Cradle of Chaos has at its disposal, if we don't count… the artificial difficulty.

    No more chatter: the Cradle is a being made of wood and the flames of chaos and is a trap boss as it is a gimmick, which means that it works on a different mechanism than all the other bosses in Dark Souls: don't be a boss in the strict sense. It has a life bar, but this is fictitious and in reality the "real" boss is what is beyond the different branches that the Cradle of Chaos stands in defense of a defenseless creature. During this bossfight have a good defense against fire it helps a lot: for a strange twist of fate the Gold-Hemmed Black Set (the set found on the corpse near Infinite Discharge) will meet you.

    Dark Souls - Boss Guide: Cradle of Chaos

    You will need a lot of patience against the Cradle of Chaos: the boss is a carrion and you will notice it starting from his second phase. In fact, in order to proceed "inside" the Cradle, it will be necessary to go to the globes at the ends of the creature and hit the orange branches, breaking the seals. Only then will the road to the real boss open ... or rather, it will collapse under your feet.

    From the second phase onwards (when you get rid of one of the two extremes) the ground will begin to collapse just before your passage and the Cradle of Chaos will be kind enough to accompany you with its big hand towards the abyss that leads to a very frustrating death. Obviously it is difficult to write in which exact points, but you will learn it to your detriment. These are in fact fixed and not random. Dodging attacks with a crumbling floor is not the best idea, so you can add one to your quiver shield of those with a high stability which will allow you to resist (perhaps) the thrusts of the boss and proceed with caution.


    • Sweep: The creature's most common attack is its infamous slap, with which it will try to push you down. The hand makes a horizontal arc, from left to right or vice versa, up to two times. It's parable;
    • Fiery clawOnce one of the seals is broken from the demon's back, a huge fiery scythe will emerge. With this the boss vertically claws the far side of the room until it reaches you. It can be dodged as it is vertical to the left or right. When the other seal is broken, the claws will become two;
    • Collapse of the floor: the attack, if we can call it that, which makes the Cradle of Chaos ... the Cradle of Chaos;
    • Webbed: the boss will try to crush you with his hand. Slow and dodge attack on the sides;
    • Rain of fire: A volley of fireballs from your friendly Neighborhood Cradle. Very rare, the fireballs are random and easily dodged, the only real annoyance is to destabilize you and make you fall;
    • Firestorm: do you want to reflect on what to do while standing in a safe place on the map? Think again! You'll see the floor prepare to emanate fire to perform a fire storm similar to pyromancy. This is the most devastating offensive of the boss and it is advisable to avoid it by moving away from the red areas. With a low defense against fire you will have no escape against this attack;
    • Fire gate: another little-known attack of the demon par excellence, occurs when you stop too much in front of the base of the tree without continuing after the big root. Envelops the area in flames.

    To reach the creature's heart, you'll need to jump onto a large protruding root which, after breaking both seals, will become visible in front of the boss in the center of the arena: a pure leap of faith. Watch out for his sweeps: most of the land will have given way. If you land on the root - we hope so, as Dark Souls doesn't shine for platforming - you'll be halfway there (and if you're cool, wait for him to slap, run, stop for a second and roll on the root). At that point, run mowing all the branches until you reach the end of the path. Attention: in this phase the Cradle of Chaos will use Firestorm in an attempt to kill you. It is recommended that you wear Quelana robes and maximum defense against fire. One shot at the fragile creature you will find and you will have done it: you will have beaten the Cradle of Chaos ... and the Witch of Izalith.

    Dark Souls - Boss Guide: Cradle of Chaos

    An easier method to take down the boss is to get smart by arming himself with return bones and arrows. We have to be precise, but it is possible to hit the orange branches and continue the bossfight by hitting them from a distance from a safe point with arrows and then exit the game. The game will save the seal breaking and you will be teleported to the fog, so that you can do the same thing with the second branch, use another return bone and return to the boss to see the floor collapse in front of you and show the root you need. . It is a difficult method to put into practice the first few times (for obvious reasons) but it is now a certified system against the Cradle of Chaos.


    • 60.000 souls;
    • x1 Humanity;
    • Soul of the Lord

    Dark Souls - Boss Guide: Cradle of Chaos

    The demonic cradle was born from Will of the Witch of Izalith to prolong the Age of Fire in a clumsy attempt to recreate the First Flame. The Witch of Izalith, reduced to an insect, and her offspring are doomed to one millennial life of pain, as Discharge Infinita, the Fair Lady who swallows the venom of the Great Swamp or the two scythes, which are nothing more than two daughters who strenuously protect their mother. The only survivor untouched by the Flame of Chaos, an aberrant creation that gives life to demons, is Quelana, the first pyromancer, who escapes from Lost Izalith and takes refuge in the Great Swamp with the desire to see her family again, but too cowardly in the take this step. This bed of life has spat out thousands of demons and is so persistent that its story does not end in Dark Souls but extends with its branches in Dark Souls II until it reaches Dark Souls III reduced to miserable and shaking braziers.

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