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    How many players does Overwatch have? - Number of players in the Overwatch game

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    How participants play in Overwatch

    To start a game in Overwatch, simply log in and search for players or teammates on its official page. Likewise, each Jordanian will consist of two teams, the attack team and the team of defense.In addition, each participant will have to choose a hero with one of the aforementioned skills to start each game or match; likewise the teams will have the possibility to choose between different game modes that are.


    In this mode there will be two sides, there it will be the attacking team and the defending team. And important goals are set that one side must defend and protect from the attacking team. These games take place in a set time and whoever, when the time runs out, ends up having the set goal, will win.

    Armed guard

    In this case, the attacking team will try to move a target or load to a specific area ; while the defense team must prevent them from fulfilling their mission. The game takes place over a period of time, the team that reaches its goal is the winner.


    The control mode simply each team will fight for domination over a period of time; in the same way, the winning team will be the one who manages to grasp the goal before the end of the match.

    Other game modes

    When you play Overwatch you will see that there will be more ways to do it, so you won't be bored. In addition to the previous forms, you will find a mode known as a combined or competitive mode.

    Where you can play alternately to the previous modes, that is, there will be several games, in which on one occasion your group will have to act as an escort and in the other as a control. On the other hand you will get the arcade version, which is characterized by being fast games that provide experience to the players.

    In general, players of each squad will be able to choose between three characteristic roles of the characters by Overwatch; which are reservoir, damage and support.

    In this sense, each skill will be very useful in each mode, as in case you have to defend a goal, tank characters will be decisive; While if what you are looking for is to hit a target you will have to resort to attacking characters or a mixture of both. Generally being a very good option, since you can have different playing strategies, which is not the case with similar games.

    On the other hand, among the Overwatch-like games that you can download you have Call of Duty Warzone for various platforms like PC, Android, Xbox One, PS4, among others. So the gameplay varies depending on the game platform without losing the essence.

    What devices can Overwatch be played on?

    First-person play is currently available for all video game consoles you know; Namely for Xbox One, PSP4, Nintendo Switch and even for PC. Being one of the most sought after options, if you have a problem with your PC while connecting to the monitor, you should check that you don't have certain technical problems such as both are well connected.

    Finally, remember that Overwach is currently one of the most sought after online video games; since nothing else in the 2020 had around 50 million users who liked it. So if you haven't started enjoying this first person game you shouldn't waste any more time.

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