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    Tennis World Tour Trophy Guide

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    After a long time, here is finally a tennis game between us: Tennis World Tour is ready for its debut on the court, will we play on clay, grass or concrete? For sure we will be able to play in the PlayStation 4 version and so here is the guide to the Tennis World Tour trophies.

    The game features 30 trophies: 18 bronze, 5 silver, 6 gold and the inevitable platinum. In total, the trophies will be worth 1140 points.

    Bronze Trophies

    • The surveyor: Win a match without committing a direct foul.
    • Running is useless: Win a set without using fast move.
    • You can not pass!: Retrieve an opponent's smash.
    • Mercilessly: Don't let the opponent win more than 5 exchanges in the whole match.
    • Never give up!: Win a match after losing the first two sets.
    • Flash reflexes: Perform 15 consecutive volleys.
    • Who goes slowly ...: Score a winning shot at under 40km / h.
    • Speeding: Perform a service at over 220 km / h.
    • Inception: Negotiate a contract in the video game in Career mode.
    • Like a hurricane: Win a match without losing a game.
    • War of trenches: Trade more than 50 hits.
    • First steps: Win your first match in Career mode.
    • To your good heart: Make a donation in Career mode.
    • And for me?: Purchase your first equipment.
    • Benefactor: Win a Charity Tournament in Career Mode.
    • Secret weapon: Select your first skill.
    • They always go hand in hand: Hire your first coach.
    • Cross country runner: Win a match without your stamina falling below that of your opponent.

    Silver Trophies

    • Don't miss the coach!: Unlock all base coaches.
    • Strategist: Fill your 5 skill slots.
    • Technical mastery: Raise a skill to level 3.
    • Halfway: Enter the Top 50 in Career mode.
    • In good company: Unlock all base agents.

    Gold Trophies

    • The assiduous: Bring all basic coaches to the highest level.
    • Numero 1: Become the number 1 in the world in Career mode.
    • Collector: Unlock all basic skills at least once.
    • Mentor: Create your own tennis academy in Career mode.
    • This is just the beginning: Reach level 30.
    • All that glitters: Purchase all equipment from the base game.

    Platinium Trophies

    • Tennis legend: Unlock all other trophies.

    ► Tennis World Tour is a Simulation-Sport game developed by Breakpoint and published by Bigben Interactive for Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, the video game was released on 22/05/2018 The version for PC came out on 12/06/2018 The version for Nintendo Switch came out on 12/06/2018
    Tennis World Tour is a game that we recommend only to true fans of the genre: we have decided to evaluate it with a 60%, if you are interested in learning more you can read the Tennis World Tour Review

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