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    The best booster points of duty points Raching Ability: Mobile

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    In Call of Duty: Mobile Multiplayer matches, in addition to being able to count on Perks and Skills, the player can also equip a additional aid known as "Point Streaks". This is a type of fighting machinery that can be used to take out multiple enemies and are obtained with streaks of points after taking many kills in games.

    Scoring a lot of points in combat is not easy, and for that reason you need to know very well which of them to equip to make a good investment of points. In total, you can choose up to 3 stitch series machines. Next, we leave you the best of them so that you can have a better chance of taking a lot of kills and becoming the MVP of games.

    Help package

    Call of Duty: Mobile - Support Pack

    The Help Pack is one of the most useful around, it only costs 550 series of points and it also gives you a random edge that could cost you even a lot more than what you are investing with the points you managed to earn. That is, give a little and you can receive more than what you contribute.

    Sentry turret

    Call of Duty: Mobile - Sentry Turret

    It is a favorite of many players, its value is 800 consecutive points, has the ability to be positioned anywhere and shoot all enemies that move around it. His shots are precise and effective and he fits very well with modes like Dominion and Hot Spot, as well as the others.

    Cluster attack

    Call of Duty: Mobile - Cluster Attack

    It's the perfect way to attack when there are a lot of enemies in a certain area. When activated, you open a map with a radar indicating where the enemies are positioned and you can select where you want these rockets to drop to take them out. Its value is 950 series of points.

    Stealth helicopter

    Call of Duty: Mobile – Elicottero stealth

    The Stealth Helicopter is perhaps one of the most effective, as it hovers around the specific area you choose and takes out any opponents that pass through that area. Also, the only way it stops working is for enemies to take it down and it's not that easy to do. Its value is 1000 consecutive points.


    Call of Duty: Mobile – VTOL

    Last but not least is the VTOL, a submachine gun plane in capable of unleashing a devastating aerial attack on opponents. First of all, you have to stay in a safe place to be able to activate it, as it is controlled by a control and any enemy could take you down if you are controlling it. When you use it, you switch to the plane's artillery control where you can locate targets to fire explosions at them from above. It is worth 1600 series of points, but it's definitely worth it.

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