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Here are some of the best weather apps for Android. The best apps to know what the weather will do to be consulted on Android smartphones and tablets.

Contents Weather App for Android Today Weather - Forecast, Radar & Severe Alerts Weather & Widget - Weawow Weather Forecast: The Weather Channel Weather Forecast: AccuWeather Appy Weather: The Most Personal Weather App Overdrop - Hyperlocal Weather & Weather Radar 3B Meteo - Weather Forecast METEO - Weather forecast by

Weather app for Android

Today Weather - Forecasts, radars and severe alerts


Today Weather is a beautiful and simple weather app that provides the world's most accurate local weather forecasts.

Download Today Weather from PlayStore now.

Weather and Widget - Weawow


Weawow is a wonderful and very accurate weather forecast application.
You can even sell your photos in the Weawow marketplace.

Download Weawow from PlayStore now.

Weather Forecast: The Weather Channel

Live forecast updates are at your fingertips with The Weather Channel. Get local weather forecast news straight to your smartphone or tablet. Get ready with bad weather reports and real-time radar maps.

Extreme bad weather warning and forecast information is available wherever you are! Receive local weather news and daily extreme weather alerts, so you can experience life with peace of mind. The Weather Channel provides accurate reporting that helps you plan up to 15 days in advance.


Download The Weather Channel on PlayStore now.

Weather Forecast: AccuWeather

Every day, more than 100 billion people around the world rely on AccuWeather to plan their lives, protect their business and make the most of their days. With Superior Accuracy ™, AccuWeather is able to provide specific forecasts in over XNUMX local languages ​​and dialects for all locations around the world, more than any other public or private weather data source.

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Download AccuWeather on PlayStore now.

Appy Weather: the most personal weather app


Appy Weather is the most personal weather app because it was designed for humans by someone who controls the weather like them. All this is made possible by summarizing the weather in a simple and intuitive language thanks to its History screen, unique of its kind, thus distinguishing Appy Weather from all other weather apps, on any platform. No more scrolling through long lists to consult the weather: now everything is summarized in a few lines, making checking the weather fast, easy and really fun! That said, there are still the more conventional hourly & daily screens if that's what you prefer.

Download Appy Weather from PlayStore now.

Overdrop - Hyperlocal Weather & Weather Radar

Based on leading weather forecast providers - such as Dark Sky, AccuWeather and WeatherBit - Overdrop Weather helps you stay one step ahead. Use the 96-hour forecast radar map, with its simple widget, have all the information you need at a glance, stay up to date with severe condition alerts and set one of six animated themes: from white to gray or black OLED.

Download Overdrop from PlayStore now.


3B Meteo – Previsioni Meteo

3BMeteo: reliable and accurate weather forecasts, continuously updated in the first 24h, thanks to the Nowcasting technique which, using real weather data, satellite images, radar and lightning strikes, allows to obtain a very reliable forecast for the following hours even on very restricted areas.

Download now 3BMeteo on PlayStore.

METEO - Weather forecast by

Every day millions of Italians rely on our reliable and precise forecasts to plan and enjoy their days to the fullest, without being caught unprepared by sudden weather changes. Thanks to details on seas, winds, air quality, radar and personalized widgets, with more than 10 million downloads, the iLMeteo app is the most downloaded in Italy.

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Download from PlayStore now.

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