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    How to know who visits my Facebook profile?

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    How to know who visits my Facebook profile? When we think of the social platforms that are present today, we know that the favorite of most users, and on which we spend the most time, is undoubtedly Facebook, the creation of Mark Zuckerberg. In fact, we cannot ignore the fact that millions of people around the planet have an account on this social network, and that thanks to this they can follow their friends and acquaintances.

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    However, many times we are curious about the profiles of other users and probably the same happens to them and our profiles. For this reason many of you have asked us how to know who visits my Facebook profile?

    For many, it would be great to be in able to know who visits our Facebook profile … It would be a great treat. To find out if it's someone we like, or someone we don't like.

    Can I find out who is looking at my Facebook profile?

    Starting from this initial question that certainly many people have asked themselves in recent times, we must say that there are different methods to obtain information on who visits my Facebook profile. Let's assume that it is not our intention to deceive you ...

    We say this because in reality There is no free application that allows access to data, although there are other techniques that are a little more complex that now let's go and see.

    It is clear that there is a great distrust in this type of programs or applications, as in many cases they do little or do nothing and we end up with the best of malware on our phone or computer. This time, I'll show you a way effective to find out who visits your profile on Facebook.

    For this reason, we will teach you a method that you can use as long as you have some relative knowledge of the source code of the page. This will help you find out who has visited your Facebook by following a few steps which we will list below.

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    How to know who visits my Facebook profile?

    1. First, we will need to install the latest version of Google Chrome, which you can download from this link. Once installed, you will need to right click anywhere on the page and we will see the phrase "View source code" appear.

    2. After performing the previous step, once inside this tab with the codes, the next step will be to press the command Ctrl + F, in order to open the text search engine, which will appear exactly below the address bar, on the right. Once we have done that, we will have to type “FriendsList” right there and press Enter.

    3. You should then highlight a part of the code with the tag "FriendsList" and, in turn, a series of numerical codes appearing below, which are neither more nor less than the identifier of profiles that have visited your Facebook profile.

    4. Normally, when you run this test, start with the phrase "FriendsList", [], {"list": ", the list of all the ids of users who have visited your Facebook page, as well as those who have had the most interactions with you. Of course, we won't mention any real IDs, but an example of one of these would be “1581493213-2”. So to know who it belongs to, all you have to do is copy this series of numbers except the hyphen and the number that follows, then open another window to copy the link and know who has visited your Facebook profile. Example senza trattino e senza numero successivo

    With this simple method, now it is possible to know for sure who has visited my Facebook profile, but in turn be careful, because others can also use the same tutorial and poke their nose into your profiles.

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    Are there apps to know who visits my Facebook profile?

    There are applications like "qmiran", which is very simple to use with "a very descriptive name" 😉, but with a very well developed, very comfortable and, above all, neat interface. It has a lot of good things about the app in question, among which we can see who looks at our photos on Facebook, and also on what day he saw them. Plus, you can see who change their profile photos and when they do it specifically, knowing who blocks us from friends.

    It also has statistics that form a sort of ranking of publications, in this way we can have precise data to know which publications I like best. And we can know who is online at any time, when it disconnected, when it reconnected, etc.

    The application is available for Windows computers you just need to access the site and from there go to download the application for the computer, we have tested it on Android and Windows and we must say that it is undoubtedly a very application interesting that does everything it promises, very useful to know who visits your Facebook profile.

    Then you managed to see everyone those who have visited your Facebook profile? If you have any problems let me know in the comments on Facebook.

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