How to create and manage an Amazon Kids profile on Fire TV

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Stop worrying about what your child is watching on Amazon Fire TV and create a child profile to check their content. You have the option to restrict screen usage, add or remove appropriate content, and create a security PIN to restrict access to apps.

You no longer have to worry about what your child is watching when you create an Amazon Kids profile. Once created, you have control over all the content your child sees, as well as screen usage and limited app usage.

We'll explain what an Amazon Kids profile is, how you can manage one for your child, and what it means for their safety.

What is an Amazon Kids profile

Instead of letting your kids watch whatever they want on your streaming services, Amazon Fire TV lets you set up kid profiles to control their viewing.

With a Kids profile, parents can better monitor all the content their children watch using the Amazon app. This applies to all Amazon devices, such as the Amazon Fire tablet which allows you to watch content.

Previous versions of the Fire TV included parental controls which required you to enter a security code to watch specific types of content, or you could completely restrict access to the app. A Kids profile takes parental controls to another level and changes the entire Amazon app interface.

With a child profile, a child-friendly design replaces the normal interface on a child's profile, and you can choose all the videos your child has access to. This eliminates any worries you might have about what they're consuming and whether it meets your safe viewing standards.

Your Amazon account allows up to six different profiles, and four of these profiles can be for children. The profiles for children are available on:

  • Fire TV Stick Lite
  • Third Generation Fire TV Stick
  • Fire TV Stick 4K
  • Third Generation Fire TV

How to set up an Amazon Kids profile on Fire TV

Technically you can use your browser to manage your different profiles and set one up for your child, but if you are already in the app it will be easier to manage from there.

  • Say "Go to Profiles" on your remote or select the profile icon
  • Select Add profile
  • Select New profile
  • Set up your profile This is a child su Yes
  • Fill in the requested information
  • Enable parental controls
  • Add the content and apps you want your child to have access to

When you enable parental controls using your Fire TV stick, you can check screen time limits, choose content ratings, and create a PIN to restrict access.

Setting a specific time limit for screen usage will ensure that your child does not view the platform for longer than allowed. Each profile is monitored individually so that a time limit does not affect the other profiles.

You can choose the type of content your child watches based on the maturity rating. As long as you enter the correct date of birth, Amazon will use it to know what content to show your children.

When you create a PIN, only the person who knows the PIN will be able to switch between accounts. This eliminates the possibility of your child finding a workaround for watching programs they shouldn't be.

How to manage an Amazon Kids profile

When you create a Kids profile, Amazon should ask you to select the appropriate content for your child to watch. You can also do this manually if you want to change the settings later:

  • Go to the Fire TV settings
  • Select Account and profile settings
  • Select Child settings
  • Select the correct profile
  • Select Add content

This will allow you to remove or add any content to your child's profile. You can also manage content and other settings using the Amazon Parent Dashboard which comes with an Amazon Kids + subscription.

You will not be able to add personal documents, music, primary video rentals, or videos included with Prime to your child's profile.

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