What is Axie Infinity and how to play it professionally to generate income?

What is the video game "Axie Infinity" about?

Axie Infinity is a game based on virtual animal husbandry, bears some resemblance to another game of the same type, is blockchain-based, and offers players the option of fighting or fighting in two modes: arena or adventure.

Players have the ability to breed, collect, trade and fight through the creatures they have acquired. With good strategies it will be possible for the player to make profits through the modalities and the way in which it is carried out, which will allow him to exchange them for physical money.

What are the AXS and SLP tokens used for the game?

The SLPs present in the game, or also known as the "Small Love Potion", are used in the game as an incentive element, they can also be used for other types of situations such as giving birth to new aces.

Another of the tokens that is part of the game is the AXS, this is a token that works for the particular platform of the game, and through this you can trade aces, get or earn rewards every week, or buy in the same game to continue playing.

How can I get a scholarship to play Axie Infinity for free?

Since Axie Infinity is a game that requires a large investment, another way to play has been created, scholarships allow you to get started on the platform without that investment.

Getting a scholarship is a very simple method, for this you can find some methods that work to get it, among them:

  • Search through social networks for someone who provides this scholarship service on the platform. Look for tips and guides before filling out the form. On the official Axie Infinity Discord there is a dedicated section for applying for scholarships.
  • Get a scholarship through a friend or acquaintance who has Axies attacked and who may not need it, especially if you already know the person, trust will be gained.
  • Take into consideration the scholarships that the platform itself offers through its system. Start forming your team in Axie Infinity with scholarships without having to invest first.

Keep in mind that the trust is important and that searching on networks or pages can have both positive and negative consequences, one of which is that run out of profits. Always be careful.

How much money could you earn if you opened your account?

Earnings are important details if you have decided to make the investment and not opt ​​for the scholarship. Opening your own account can to have a profit, it is around 75 SLP on a daily basis, in adventure mode, and depending on the conversion at that time it can be around $ 360 or much more.

While this is less than the investment made on the page, it is a large sum, which can go up and vary since the price of the SLP can fluctuate. Making opening your account an important decision, especially if you can sell the axies you have purchased at any time.

How to download Axie Infinity on your device?

The process to download Axie Infinity is very simple, the important and fundamental is a stable internet connection, after which you just need to do the following steps:

Download and create an Ethereum wallet. Find a Ronin Bag and make one. Remember to configure it and save all the keys. Go to Axie Marketplace and log in using your Ronin wallet. Activate your account, configure your email and passwords.

After following these steps, all you have to do is enter the Axie Infinity page and click on the "Download or Download" area, which you located at the top right, select the platform or device and voila, you will download and you can start playing.

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