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    When was League of Legends created and released? Who created the League?

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    League of Legends is a multiplayer game belonging to the online battle arena genre, popularly known as MOBA and considered to be an electronic sport. Developed by Riot Games, is available on Windows and Mac.

    It is a very game competitive in where two groups of players must face off to win the game. This title is part of the electronic sports known as e-sports and we can see many leagues all over the world with professional players of enormous level. There are other very similar MOBA games that you can try.

    When and who created League of Legends?

    When was League of Legends created and released? Who created the League? Brandon Beck and Marc Merrill were the founders of Riot Games, the company that developed League. They collaborated with Steve Feak and Steve Mescon, known for designing the Defense of The Ancients custom map from the famous Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne.

    In this way to create the official League map, they relied on the map created for the aforementioned game. However, they were adding several details which greatly expanded the experience in this new project. Learn about the different League of Legends maps and what they look like.

    Mixing different concepts from other games, from the map, to the huge number of heroes available, through recipes, quite numerous articles and other things that gave this project its own personality that would end up becoming a very game. popular.

    For now, the game was yet another Warcraft III mod. However, after Guinsoo (Steve Feak) decided to give version 6 of the map to a new developer, IceFrog. He began to get the idea that it was time to have an independent game with its own engine. Something that began to take shape in 2005.

    How League of Legends was created

    So, League begins when a group of the Dota community came across this interesting game that managed to capture, be very fun and above all innovative with many its own mechanics, with a unique personality while being strongly "inspired" by a classic like Warframe III.

    When was League of Legends created and released? Who created the League? In September 2006, Riot Games «officially opens. » The company currently has nearly 100 employees under its service while maintaining all things League of Legends. Even in the sample development process, not a few people participate, but rather the whole company through conflicting votes and opinions. Currently Riot Games has presented other titles of different and similar genres based on the same universe of LoL.

    Currently there are a large number of League of Legends leagues and tournaments. Many of these are hosted by the same company, while others are third-party operated tournaments with the support of Riot Games. Although undoubtedly we can also find several independent ones, although they are smaller.

    We also have a world tournament where you can see the most important teams. The teams they must qualify by continent and then face off in the final and the winner can win a large sum of money among other prizes.

    There are many professional players who have created an account in League of Legends and who devote an enormous amount of hours to this title and not least, since it is incredibly popular. We can even see it always among the top positions in terms of viewers on Twitch and Facebook video game streaming platforms.

    In short, LoL it is a phenomenon that has existed for too many years and it seems that it will continue to accompany us for many more.

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