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    Where is it and how to enter the casino in GTA 5? - Grand Theft Auto 5

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    Where is it and how to enter the casino in GTA 5?

    Before you can solve the question where is it and how to enter the casino in GTA 5? You need to know a little about the history behind this very unique building, which is reminiscent of many of the real-life Hollywood casinos.

    This build wasn't primarily accessible when the game came out, as you literally couldn't get into it for the entire game. The only contact there was was when you used Trevor and he left that seat (you couldn't even see him inside).

    This was changed by the game's developers in 2019 when they released one update patch for GTA Online, which completely overhauled the casino, making it bigger, more luxurious and fully accessible.


    This building is located between Vinewood Park Drive e Mirror Park Boulevard, that is, it is located in the northwest of the map, almost reaching the border line of the city of Los Santos, throughout the main area of ​​Mirror Park.

    To get there you can use the mini map that the game offers you, or ask a taxi to take you (the latter is much faster), being there you just have to go through the door to enter. Since the casino is totally free like any shop building.

    In it you can do a lot of things or just walk with curiosity. This site is one of the best facilities in the game and one of the most luxurious, as from the outside you can see the brightness of its lights and windows.

    Activities that can be carried out inside the building

    With what you have read, the initial question of Where is it and how to access the casino in GTA 5 has been resolved, so now you will see what you can do in this building. The first thing is the missions.

    As part of this DLC, they have put 6 story cooperative missions, which you can play without any problem. These are mafia wars between war groups, so they are very interesting (to get them you should know how to cover and shoot in GTA 5).

    Also, you can perform 16 free missions which have no history, but will rather give you rewards. Outside of that, you can play and bet on Poker and Black Jack as if it were a regular casino (you can even watch horse racing).


    And finally, you can get exclusive items, such as cars (with which you can race in big GTA 5), clothes, among other things, which you can win in one russian roulette, or that you can buy in the shop. Thanks to all of this, this building is one of the best attractions the game has now.

    With what you've read, you already know more than enough about this place. Since you most likely got excited, then what you need to do now is go there and start spend money like crazy.

    Now you can proudly say that the question Where is it and how to get into the casino in GTA 5 ?, is no longer a problem for you, just leave and let the fun begin. Keep in mind that it is not the only event available, you can also rob banks, so if you wonder where it is and how to rob the bank in GTA 5 ?, you will have to do another tutorial search to expand your fun even more.


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