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    Where is it and how to enter the secret military base of GTA 5? - Grand Theft Auto 5

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    Military base of Forte Zancudo

    Fort Zancudo is a fort or military base belonging to the Grand Theft Auto video game, which you can get from the Rockstar Games website or via platforms such as Steam.

    The base is so far the only one in the so-called HD generation (which includes GTA IV, its DLCs and GTA V), so it seems like a very attractive place for video game users.

    It is a fairly protected area, but likewise it presents some options of interest to users, such as military vehicles. Furthermore, the request required to enter the place will attract the attention of the most daring users, who will surely have fun at the military base of Forte Zancudo.

    Where is it and how to enter the secret military base of GTA 5? - Grand Theft Auto 5

    The military base of Forte Zancudo is located right next to Lake Zancudo (to the south), while it borders to the west with Route 1, likewise it is part of Mount Giosia. As a curious aspect, it should be noted that the highway of the saints has a tunnel that passes under Forte Zancudo.

    Things to consider before entering the Fort Zancudo military base

    The truth is, while this is a well-known point of interest for Grand Theft Auto users, it also represents a risk for the user, as it is a highly militarized area.

    Indeed, the military fortress of Grand Theft Auto is characterized by having a large number of soldiers and weapons, ready to attack in the face of minimal invasion or an "unauthorized" visit. In other words, as soon as you enter this fort, the military will start attacking you and your research level will go up to 4 stars.

    It is for these reasons that we advise you to enter very well equipped, that is, with large weapons, ammunition and protections, otherwise it is very likely that you will be attacked by the military who are in this fort.

    How to enter the Grand Theft Auto military base?

    There are several ways we can enter this popular military base, however, please note that all of them will increase your research level.

    One of the first alternatives that users think about is the use of a land vehicle, which can be done, as long as the car is fast. Surely this is the most recommended way to enter the base and you will have a good entrance if you have learned to race in GTA 5 with the best cars. However, there is another way to enter the military fort.

    You can use a plane to enter the Grand Theft Auto military base. To apply this strategy you need to know where they are and how to get helicopters in GTA 5. Also, it is recommended that you have a parachute to facilitate the process. Without a doubt, this is a very fun way to enter this place, although keep in mind that when you enter the fort's field of view, it is very likely that you will be attacked with missiles.

    Regardless of which way you enter, you need to be prepared and act as quickly as possible, it will be fine, you can leave the area with a military vehicle, which could be very useful for both story mode and multiplayer.

    What can we find in the Fort Zancudo military fort?

    Undoubtedly one of the reasons why users are interested in this location is the large number of military vehicles that we can find there. Among these we find various trucks and vans, but undoubtedly the most striking vehicles are the tank (Rhino), l’ military helicopter (Buzzard) e l’ fighter jet (P-996 Lazer). If it was impossible to steal from the fort you can choose to get the tank in GTA 5 by purchasing it like other military goods.

    Surely the vehicles mentioned above are among the most interesting in the entire GTA catalog, which is why it is worth visiting this place both in multiplayer, as in single player, even so, keep in mind what we mentioned before and go prepared to the base.

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