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Unlike past Capcom game collections, in the latest Capcom Arcade Stadium(of which you can find our review at this link) there is a greater emphasis on competitiveness between players, of the typical kind that snaked in the old arcades.

Perhaps that is why the game's trophies are very different from the typical series for a single player title. In fact, in Capcom Arcade Stadium there are only 20 bronze trophies to unlock, which we list below.

  • Dive into the past: Start a game
  • It was just a test !: Get a Game Over screenshot
  • All my pocket money: Enter 9 or more credits in a single game session
  • Avid Retrogamer: Play a total of 100 games
  • Professional Retrogamer: Play a total of 1.000 games
  • Time flies: Play for a total of 10 hours
  • Just one more and then I leave ...: Play for a total of 100 hours
  • Recruit: Reach class 5 (Recruit)
  • Qualified: Reach class 10 (Proficient)
  • Sample: Reach class 15 (Champion)

  • Capcom legend: Reach Class 20 (Capcom Legend)
  • Please rewind: Use the rewind function
  • Time Lord: Use the Adjust speed (+/-) or Maximum speed function
  • My first win: Complete a game
  • Let's raise the difficulty: Complete a game on maximum difficulty
  • Better take advantage of it !: Start a game during a bonus event
  • I can do better: Get 10.000 CASPO in a single game session (Time Attack or Score Attack)
  • Nobody can stop me: Get 25.000 CASPO in a single game session (Time Attack or Score Attack)
  • CASP… ita !: Get 50.000 CASPO in a single game session (Time Attack or Score Attack)
  • Challenge accepted…: Start a game in Score Attack or Time Attack mode

These are all the trophies available for Capcom Arcade Stadium, at least for the moment. We'll see if with the addition of new challenges and long-term support, more will be added.

► Capcom Arcade Stadium is a Beat 'em up-Shooter-Platform-Arcade game developed and published by Capcom for PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch, the video game was released on 17/02/2021 The version for PC came out on 25/05/2021 The version for PlayStation 4 came out on 25/05/2021 The version for Xbox One came out on 25/05/2021
Capcom Arcade Stadium is a great game that we recommend - we decided to rate it with a 70%, if you are interested in learning more you can read the Capcom Arcade Stadium Review

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