Complete First Aid Guide in World of Warcraft - WoW First Aid

Within video games, one of the most popular is World Of Warcraft and its expansions, in this fictional world a character adapts virtually and there, interacting with other players, an apparent environment is created. In this article we will let you know more about this game and its first aid guide.

First Aid in World of Warcraft What is it for?

Within video games there are many tricks and ways to level up and if somehow you have wondered what these first aid are for in World of Warcraft because with this it is a skill that serves to level up and serves for a free healing of the battle.

It is very essential that the characters learn to create headbands to cope with this game and likewise serve for eliminate the effects of poisoning creating the so called anti-poisoning bandages and an even more curious fact is that you can not only use it for yourself, it also helps you to sell it to another player who requests it.

Another important point is to know where these bandages come from, as these are made with the tissues released by humanoids, of course there is a difference because if they are poison-free, they require some creatures in the game to excrete the poison glands, here you will learn how to optimize those first aid.

Complete First Aid Guide in World of Warcraft

First of all it is important to know that like any profession you must have recourse to an instructor, but first aid to proceed to teach us this profession in first aid apprentice skill, then you will proceed to learn how to make linen bandages to get 40 profession points, then swaddle heavy linen for 80 points.

The degree of Official di First aid he is one of the first to be obtained in this profession, as they are obtained before reaching 50 points. To do this, you need to learn how to make wool antidotes and bandages.

These must be done to achieve 115 profession points. Finally, you have to make the bandage with the heavy wool up to get the maximum of 150 points in the profession.

Depending on where you belong in the game you have to purchase books to learn, such as the first aid for experts to reach 180 points then proceed to use the book of silk bandages to reach 210 profession points, a magical cloth bandage will be created to reach 225 points, upon reaching level 35, medical care will be provided and then 15 patients will heal.

First aid in World of Warcraft level 225-230

At this point you are getting closer and closer, you go from making a magical cloth blindfold to a heavy magical cloth blindfold getting 260 points in the profession and with the help of Dr. Gregory Victor you create a ban on magical runic cloth.

In short, to finish the profession you have to create a heavy bandage of runic cloth in this way you will get the necessary 300 points to complete the profession.

Whatever time you have in the world of this video game, it is important to know the tricks and the ways to go up to another level. This way, you will soon be one of the best players in World of Warcraft, it is not an easy task to get among the best players, it takes a lot of time and experience with video games, some of which you have to spend a lot of time playing to get there.

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