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    Fix: "AR camera does not work in Harry Potter Wizards Unite"

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    Next, we present the solution to the error "AR camera does not work in Harry Potter Wizards Unite" in so that you can play normally.

    Harry Potter wizards unite

    Harry Potter Wizards Unite is a video game set in the vast world of Harry Potter. The title was created by the company Niantic, creator of Pokemon GO and makes use of geolocation and augmented reality, although sometimes it has annoying errors.

    Today we are going to teach you how to fix basic errors with the AR camera. In turn, the location error can be fixed if that's the problem you have.

    Solutions for the error "AR camera not working in Harry Potter Wizards Unite"

    This error usually appears if your device doesn't have a gyroscope either does not support augmented reality. However, let's discuss some causes and solutions for the error.

    You did not accept the permissions

    When it starts play Harry Potter Wizards Unite, the game will ask you for certain permissions, including the AR camera (essential to play the title). Not accepting these permissions can lead to errors like the previous one. Either way, there is a simple solution for this.

    • To solve this problem, you will need to access the section » Settings »Of the mobile phone.
    • Once there, b USCA «Section Applications »And click on it.
    • All applications installed on the system will be displayed. Find Harry Potter Wizards Unite and click on it.
    • Look for the Permissions section, which can also be displayed as » Accesses »And click on it.
    • All permissions required by Harry Potter Wizards Unite to function properly will be listed here. Just make sure you turn them all on, including the camera and other related aspects are usually included.
    • After the above, simply close these options and reopen the game to check if the error is fixed.

    Test your mobile gyroscope

    Harry Potter Wizards Unite makes use of the gyroscope, in fact, it is necessary to play. Therefore, if for some reason the function is not active or is simply not available on your mobile phone, problems such as the error may arise " La AR camera does not work in Harry Potter Wizards Unite».

    You can check that your device has this feature using the “Gyroscope Test” application, which you can get for free from the Play Store. Once downloaded, launch it. The app will show you if you have a gyroscope, if you don't, or if it gets stuck, unfortunately you won't be able to play Harry Potter Wizards Unite.

    In turn, you can activate the gyroscope in Harry Potter Wizards Unite by other methods. Either way, remember the relevance of this feature to this and other games.

    Clear cache and game data

    Cache and data can sometimes cause problems when information is not stored correctly. That said, it is convenient to clean them completely to solve some problems.

    • To apply this method, go to " Settings »Of the mobile phone
    • There you will see the section Applications, click that section to make changes.
    • Now search for Harry Potter Wizards Unite. When you find it, click on it.
    • Now, locate the option " Archiving «.
    • Inside you will see " Clear cache " And " Clear data ". In any case, before clicking on any of them, make sure you have saved your information in order to access Harry Potter Wizards Unite, because using the previous options you will delete them.
    • Click "Clear Cache" and "Clear Data" and try Harry Potter Wizards Unite to see if the error is gone.

    Update the application

    Sometimes errors are fixed by updating. So, if you have the AR camera bug or something else, feel free to check constantly a new update.

    Completely remove Harry Potter Wizards Unite and reinstall it

    It might be the most annoying option of all, but it doesn't hurt to try it if none of the above works. There is a possibility (albeit remote) that game data is damaged, which could lead to errors. So if none of the above worked, try uninstalling and re-downloading Harry Potter Wizards Unite.

    If the above solves the problems, all that remains is to add friends in Harry Potter Wizards Unite to better enjoy the title

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