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    Fix: "Call of Duty Mobile doesn't connect or stays on the home screen"

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    There are matches that already before his departure there they had shocked and held for the moment in a bestial hype. This is undoubtedly the case with Call of Duty: Mobile. Its official launch on operating systems like Android and iOS was the boom of the moment when it comes to mobile games, leaving other titles like Free Fire or PUBG in second place.

    Call of Duty is one of the war video game sagas more legendary and epic di all times, is undoubtedly a cult name among the favorite titles in the world of gamers thanks to its long tenure on the market and its exceptional overall quality in each of their games presented in chronological order. Therefore, its arrival in the mobile market was shocking.

    But the merit of this great fame is not only due to its past and its previous games for PC, Xbox, Playstation, Wii, among others, we must also recognize the great qualities and characteristics it presents Call of Duty: Mobile. But first of all, take into account the big differences with its rivals, in the graphic resolution, in the story, in the themes, in the options, etc.

    Next we'll tell you about Call of Duty: Mobile's most outstanding qualities and features and how it managed to outrun acclaimed titles like Garena Free Fire and PUBG. Stay and find out all the data, information and details related to this incredible video game available on Play Store, App Store and alternative or third-party stores.

    What features and qualities does Call of Duty: Mobile present on Android and iOS platforms?

    One of the main aspects why Call of Duty: Mobile has been so acclaimed by critics and game users is for its high quality graphics, its resolution is incredibly flawless and it turned out to be one of the best graphics online games in the App Store and in the Play Store. To the point that it is way above Free Fire in this respect.

    Another very favorable feature it is its gameplay that is quite simple to learn to use, its controls are simple and totally modifiable according to the tastes and preferences of CoD: Mobile users. You will be able to have a large number of options totally focused on these aspects so that you can play in total tranquility and without any problem or inconvenience.

    Quite a notable point of this app are its game modes, which has more than 10 different styles and options that we can decide from once we're there. Some of the most recommended featured in Call of Duty: Mobile are battle royale, multiplayer, 1 vs 1, custom teams, duel to the death, flag capture, among others.

    Another piece of information we can provide about this fabulous game is that once you log into it via Facebook, you will have the option to schedule and add your friends who have also downloaded this application so that you can play with them or against them without any negative aspects.

    Why doesn't Call of Duty Mobile connect or stay on the home screen?

    This is a very common mistake in all types of terminals, it usually happens because we do not have the best specifications and requirements to play or because our internet connection is failing us at the time. It's a simple bug to fix, but it's always important to keep the CoD: Mobile requirements in mind.

    The minimum recommended requirements to be able to play this game with peace of mind are to have a memory greater than 16 Gb of internal storage, a RAM of at least 2 Gb and have a very good internet connection, otherwise the game will never run fluently or simply will not go beyond the beginning.

    In the event that CoD does not connect we will have to resort to the next step. Once blocked at the start of the game, we will turn off the data and wifi; This way we will force the game to tell us that there is no connection now we will proceed to activate everything again and voila, it will work normally.

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