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Ready to platinum one of the most awarded titles of recent years?

The release of Hades on console is one of the events that PlayStation and Xbox owners have been waiting for the longest.

So far relegated to PC and Nintendo Switch, Supergiant Games' award-winning title now brings a long list of trophies, the collection of which will be able to reward replayability, as well as making life even more difficult for the daredevils who will try to accomplish the feat.


  • Three Heads Puppy - Cuddle Cerberus 10 times
  • Skeletal extermination - Kill Skelios 15 times
  • Bad Idea - Use a Supreme Invocation against his own god in a Judgment of the Gods
  • Top hooks - Use the Supreme Invocation of a god of Olympus
  • Master of Death - Kill at least 15 enemies more than Thanatos
  • Wings to the feet - Get a 20% bonus with the Shining Feather
  • Reaper of Souls - Get a 30% bonus with the Pierced Butterfly
  • Wide assortment - Purchase 9 items from the 'Well of Charon' in one escape attempt
  • An Evening to Remember - Reach the epilogue of the plot
  • Back to work - Get (and log in) access to the Administrative Offices
  • Privileges Denied - Fulfill the 'Denied Privileges' Prophecy
  • Dark Reflections - Fulfill the 'Dark Reflections' Prophecy
  • Divided by Death - Fulfill the 'Divided by Death' Prophecy
  • Music and Muse - Fulfill the 'Music and Muse' Prophecy
  • Discount of Penalty - Fulfill the 'Discount of Penalty' Prophecy
  • Beloved of the Warrior God - Fulfill the 'Beloved of the Warrior God' Prophecy
  • Chtonian knowledge - Fulfill the 'Chthonic Knowledge' Prophecy
  • Night and Darkness - Fulfill the 'Night and Darkness' Prophecy
  • The Mirror of Nyx - Purchase at least one rank for each Night Mirror feat
  • Strings of the Heart - Get Orpheus to sing again
  • River inhabitants - Catch a fish in each region
  • It had to happen - Fulfill 15 Minor Prophecies
  • Houseworks - Commission 50 restorations from the Hades Contractor
  • Offer of the Day (or Night) - Make 20 exchanges with the Rejected Mediator
  • Historical Annal - Complete the Codex entries relating to the Olympic gods
  • Bond of Friendship - Forge a bond with any character
  • Weapons Collector - Release each of the Infernal Weapons
  • Tools of the trade - Select 50 different designs of the Hammer of Daedalus
  • Thanks, But No Thanks - Sacrifice a Legendary Boon
  • Blessed by the Gods - Select 100 different Olympians
  • Blood relationship - Fully upgrade one Semblant of Infernal Weapons
  • Complete set - Collect all Ctonii Companions
  • Collector's piece - Equip a Chthonic Companion
  • Something from Everyone - Collect all standard Mementi
  • The Useless Tinsel - Get the first of the Skelios rewards
  • Instrument of Fate - Complete an escape attempt using the Concealed Semblant of one of the Infernal Weapons
  • Onions aside - Resurface from the Erebus without taking damage
  • Escape dall'Elisio - Get out of the Elysian Fields
  • Dall'Asfodelo leak - Get out of the Asfodelo Meadows
  • Escape from Tartarus - Get out of Tartarus


    • Mastro d'Arme - Fulfill the 'Master of Arms' Prophecy
    • Unfavorable conditions - Fulfill the 'Unfavorable Conditions' Prophecy
    • Infernal Weapons - Uncover all the Semblants of the Infernal Weapons
    • Friends forever - Reach the maximum rank of each standard Memento
    • Stygian clearance sale - Receive a Loyalty Card from Charon
    • Is There No Escape Route? - Successfully complete an escape attempt
    • Champion of Elysium - Exit the Elysian Fields with the 'Extreme Remedies' Condition active


      • Family Secret - Complete the main storyline
      • The Last Lamentations of Skelios - Get the second of the Skelios rewards


        • God of Blood - Collect all other Hades Trophies

        Our review of Hades for PlayStation 5, written by Alessandro Mormile, adds to the chorus of excellent votes received by the very difficult Supergiant title. Hour, this long list of trophies can only add further incentives to play this indie masterpiece.

        And you, will you try to collect all the trophies of Hades?

        ► Hades is an Action-RPG type game developed and published by Supergiant Games for PC, Mac, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X and Xbox One, the video game was released on 17/09/2020 The version for PlayStation 4 came out on 13/08/2021 The version for Xbox One came out on 13/08/2021
        Version for PlayStation 5 from 13/08/2021
        Version for Xbox Series X from 13/08/2021
        Hades is a beautiful game that cannot be missing from your collection: we have decided to evaluate it with a 85%, if you are interested in learning more you can read the Hades Review.

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