Horizon Zero Dawn: Guide to Overrides and Mounts

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As you know, Horizon Zero Dawn allows you to operate override and ride three different types of cars but only after completing specific dungeons. Here's what they are the riders e how to unlock them.

From the beginning, in Horizon Zero Dawn, Aloy will gain the Override ability of machines. If you manage to sneak onto one of them, we will be given the option to execute a killing blow or start

Some cars can even be driven as real means of transport. Unfortunately, not all cars are rideable. If they cannot be guided, they will continue to fight until the override expires, or until they die.

Override unlocks in sets. There are four areas scattered around the map called cauldrons. They are underground bunkers where machines are created and if Aloy is able to gain access to a cauldron, she will be able to complete the network hack of that set of machines.

It will then have a new set of machines to override. Unfortunately, there aren't many cars to ride.

Here is the list of machines that can be overridden and that it is possible or not to ride, divided by cauldrons:

Watcher: Not rideable
Strider: Ridable
Redeye Watcher: Not rideable
Broadhead: Rideable
Charger: Mountable
Tallneck: Not Rideable

Grazer: Not rideable
Scrapper: Not rideable
Lancehorn: Not rideable
Sawtooth: Not rideable

Longleg: Not rideable
Trampler: Not rideable
Shell-Walker: Not rideable
Snapmaw: Not Mountable

Glinthawk: Not rideable
Fire Bellowback: Not rideable
Freeze Bellowback: Not rideable

Rockbreaker: Not rideable
Thunderjaw: Not Mountable
Stormbird: Not Mountable

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