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    How can I claim an unfair ban removed from League of Legends? - Remove the LoL ban

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    And, if you think about it, nothing gives you more courage than having the your account closed for a period of time for something you have not committed. While this shouldn't happen, there are actually several players who have reported completely misplaced bans, many of them severe.

    However, reporting a LoL player after or during the game is a useful practice to avoid trolls and hackers, so instead of getting angry, you should simply learn how to fix the ban problem with this tutorial.

    How can I claim an unfair ban removed from League of Legends?

    To get this guide off to a good start and to solve the question, How can I claim that a unfair ban comes removed in League of Legends ?, you should know that the likelihood of a ban being removed depends on the type of it.

    That is, if you have a temporary ban (for a few months), one permanent (for life), among others. Since the stricter the measure, the harder it will be for Riot to solve your problem.

    This is because gaming policies dictate that everything done on an account is the sole responsibility of its creator. So, if the company doesn't see your case as something worth reviewing, you'll have to stick with the ruling.


    The creators are so strict that they tell you clearly that they cannot remove the bans, due to this same responsibility. However, this is not always the case. What you should do in order to try to solve your problem, is of course contact the game technical support.

    This can be done via live chat, although this option is new and doesn't always work as it should. Anyway, if you still want to quit the question of How to open a live chat to get League support ?, you can investigate further.

    That is why the best option is the latter, which is to send a message to the company explaining the reason for the suspension and why it was unfair. They will most likely take some time to get back to you, as they have thousands of inquiries of all kinds per day. You must have a lot of patience and do not send more than one request, as the system may then prioritize them last.

    How do I submit an application?

    Find out how to submit your application, which will be your last hope in getting rid of that unfair ban. To do this you need to go to your trusted browser and type Supporto League of Legend (the first or second option is where you need to press).

    Being inside this page, log in and then look for the button called «Send a request »To click on it (this is red and is in the center of that section).


    With this action you will be taken to another page where you will have to choose the reason for your request in a box, in this place "Recover my account", this will cause the page to load again and you have to follow the instructions they tell you there to define your problem and submit it.

    And voila, with that you can contact technical support and see what they can do for you, so that remove that unfair ban in League of Legends and you can continue playing as normal on your account. Now go to your browser and submit your report, hopefully you can achieve your goal.

    If you want to read more information to know your problem, choose the option before sending the request "Reporting on conduct and suspensions" that you find in the section.

    If for some reason they don't respond to you (they almost always do), try sending an email directly to their Gmail. If you wonder what League of Legends Gmail is, you can easily find it on the web.

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