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    How can I download, install and watch YouTube on my Nintendo Switch - Quick and easy

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    Nintendo is to this day one of the longest-running companies in the world, from 1889 to today it has remained one of companies with greater importance e history, founded by the Artisan Fusajirō Yamauchi, was a company that produced and distributed Naipes, so it was the company until the 70s, when it became a mega-corporation and sold the Color TV Game, its first console.

    From those years Nintendo became one of the most giant and influential companies for the video game industry, creating successful consoles such as the Nintendo Entertainment System or as it is better known: NES, then SNES, GameBoy, Game Cube, Nintendo 64 or its products. newer such as Nintendo Wii, Nintendo DS or its newest product, Nintendo Switch.

    Nintendo Switch

    The Nintendo Switch is the last console released by Nintendo in 2017, after the company's negative streak in 2014, Nintendo president Satoru Iwata and his team, seeing the stiff competition that was being created in the mobile sections Their direct rivals such as Playstation, Xbox and the failure of the their latest console, the Wii U, have decided to work on the new concept of the new Switch console.

    This console has been very successful and the numbers speak for themselves, as in 2020 Nintendo reported that sales have increased every year and in 2020 it was no exception, selling around 73,5 million units, surpassing its sales. rivals like Ps4, Xbox One and its new rivals like Playstation 5 and Xbox Series X / S.

    What does Nintendo Switch offer and how does it work?

    The Nintendo Switch is a multifunctional console or hybrid like the Nintendo catalog, as it can function in three ways, as a desktop console where two or more people can play together, as a multiscreen using the console for two players or as a tablet itself for a single player, carrying a famous games catalog come The Legend of Zelda, Super Mario Oddysey o Animal Crossing.

    This console, in addition to being a 6,2-inch touch screen, also has two wireless controls called Joy-Con, consists of carrying a joystick and the classic action button panel, these Joy-Con are very surprising since they work both together and separately from the console, in a traditional way, separated like the controls of the Wii console or connect the Joy-Con of Nintendo Switch to play on Android or iPhone.

    It also comes with its own desktop stand, HDMI cable, Joy-Con straps, and stand for using Joy-Con in the traditional way, a pretty well built basic kit. In addition to having a processor chip based on the technology of GeForce graphics cards, which are used for high performance in video games, this also makes the system light and user-friendly.

    Nintendo also has online features as well an online store, the process of creating an account is similar to how to create an account on Playstation Network, in the E-Shop, you can find from NES games to a wide range of options, focused on entertainment, apps like Coloring Book, Hulu, Pokemon Home, or even the YouTube platform itself.

    How to get YouTube on my Nintendo Switch?

    Before we can have applications like YouTube on our Nintendo, we must first check if we have the latest version, this can be verified either automatically or manually, by going to the application store and updating all our applications or by going to the console settings, go to the System Update option and check if an update is available.

    After updating our software, we can start downloading and installing the YouTube application on our Nintendo Switch, from our main menu we have to before go to the E-Shop, in the search icon we write YouTube, we will get the option YouTube and similar apps, click on Free download, after a few seconds the app will be installed and we can access it.

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