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    How can I get free turkeys easily in Fortnite?

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    Like all Free to play games, Fortnite has a micro-payment mode where players can pay real money to get V-Bucks, the in-game currency with which all of the above can be purchased.

    Ottenere V-Bucks in Fortnite it can become difficult for some players as it takes time to get this virtual money. For this reason you can save this time and buy turkeys directly with your money.

    However, if you are willing to invest your time, there are several ways to get V-Bucks in the game for free. For this reason, in this article we will tell you how to get free V-Bucks in Fortnite easily.

    How to get V-Bucks in the game

    There are a few ways to get V-Bucks that may be a bit obvious, but worth mentioning for those unfamiliar or new players who want to get into Fortnite.

    One of the easiest ways to get V-Bucks is go through the story of the game. It should be noted that this reward is given only once.

    By doing the missions to save the world you can also get a good reward in the turkeys. Likewise, after having completed temporary or daily missions you can get more.

    It should be noted that these are some of the ways to legally win V-Bucks, as there are many pages on the internet that claim that you can get them for free but that's actually not true.

    Get V-Bucks in Save the World Mode

    Although this mode is paid for, it is really worth investing in it as you can guarantee many hours of fun and also get a good one. reward of V-Bucks.

    This mode can be played offline, as it is a mode where you play against the CPU. It should be noted that Save the World mode is not available on Nintendo Switch or mobile devices. Therefore, with Save the World you can get V-Bucks both online and offline.

    Connect every day to save the world

    You have to log in every day in Save the World and from the 11th you will start receiving V-Bucks as a reward for the continuous connection. And even if the amount is low, all you need to do is log in regularly to receive V-Bucks free.

    Daily missions

    As you progress through the story, you can perform fairly simple daily missions and after completing them you will receive V-Bucks in return. The minimum is 50 V-Bucks per day and every day you can complete a new mission.

    Missioni Stonewood

    This is a good way to get one good amount of V-Bucks, as you can do this from the start of Save the World mode. This game is all about defeating a wave of enemies and defending an area.

    Missions go from grade 1 to grade 19 and is one of the most popular ways to easily earn free V-Bucks, at least up to level 70.

    Earn free V-Bucks with the Battle Pass

    This method is a bit contradictory, as to get the Battle Pass you have to buy it with V-Bucks and its price is 950. However, it's worth it as we can get rewards in batches of 100 V-Bucks in its different levels ..

    By reaching a certain level, you may accumulate an amount of 1.500 V-Bucks, much more than the 950 that the Battle Pass costs, so it's worth considering buying it.

    You can also use that profit to purchase the next Battle Pass to generate even more V-Bucks or just save it all for yourself.

    Make events organized by Epic Games

    From time to time, Epic Games publishes special events on Fortnite. Some may be commemorative for a date or situation. The fact is that it is worth paying attention to paraticipate.

    These events are usually held regularly but without an estimated period, but in addition to getting free V-Bucks you can get skins and more.

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